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Would You Like to Know 50 Habits of
First-Century Christians? 

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YouTubers I Let My Kids Watch

My kids love YouTube.

I kinda of have a love/hate relationship with YouTube.

It’s useful for learning how to fix my stuff or do a craft, but sometimes it’s an endless web of brain-laziness.

And can I mention how much I HATE the sidebar videos?

YouTube is notorious for recommended the WORSE videos to my children (ps…you can eliminate the sidebar recommendations by following these directions) or visit the “Parental Controls” section of YouTube here.

I can’t condone that EVERYTHING on these channels is perfect, but for the most part, we don’t monitor when they are watching these YouTubers!

Enjoy and don’t forget to comment on your Favorite YouTuber for your kids!

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YouTubers I Let My Kids Watch

Stampy Cat

My Froggy Stuff

Grace’s World & Grace’s Room


Bored Shorts

Tim Hawkins

Arturo Trejo

Jump with Jill

Fun Toys Collector


Brooklyn & Bailey

American Girl


Ellie V Toys

Cookie Swirl C

My kids love YouTube.I have a love/hate relationship with it. It's an inspiration AND a time suck. Here are some kid-friendly YouTubers I let my kids watch.

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