Are you a writer? Do You Love Jesus?

I am looking for contributors with an honest voice.

Radical Christian Woman is looking for bloggers who have a passion for their faith and want to write for Jesus.


RCW is looking for blog posts about:

  • faith
  • homeschooling
  • parenting
  • marriage
  • head covering
  • homesteading
  • health/fitness
  • recovering
  • blogging

First Rights

Please send me something that hasn’t already been published first on your blog.

If you want to publish it after the fact, what I usually do is a 301 Redirect so it “looks” like it’s on my blog but links to the actual blog I first wrote it on. If you want it on your actual blog, please use a canonical URL.

Word Count Goal

800-1200 Words


If you know what SEO Keywords you’d like to rank for, please inform me and place those keywords naturally throughout the blog.

Overall Blog Goals

  1. Scriptural
  2. Practical
  3. Relatable

Rules for Writing a Blog Post on Radical Christian Woman

  • Your blog post should be 800-1200 words.
  • Your blog post should not be published anywhere else.
  • Your blog post should not contain any curse words.
  • Since RCW doesn’t offer payment your OWN affiliate links are acceptable. (But please don’t abuse this).

Not all blog posts will be published. We will contact you within 3 weeks if your blog post has been chosen. After that point, you are free to submit your blog post elsewhere of publish it on your own blog.

Preferred Blogging Format

I.    Opening paragraph – Personal Anecdotal Story. (1-2 sentences)
II.   Second paragraph – Relate story to blog post. (1-2 sentences)
III.  Third paragraph – Nutgraf – In one sentence what is this blog post about – clear as day. (1 sentence)
IV.  Main Point One 
       A. Subpoint 1
       B. Subpoint 2
       C. Personal Touch
V.  Main Point Two
       A. Subpoint 1
       B. Subpoint 2
       C. Personal Touch
VI.  Main Point Three 
       A. Subpoint 1
       B. Subpoint 2
       C. Personal Touch
VII. Conclusion
       A. Relate post back to the anecdote from the beginning.
       B. Any last minute tips.
       C. Call to Action (Ask the reader a question, Encourage them to take an action)


  • Add personal stories to reinforce key concept
  • Keep language it personal, use pronoun we instead of you
  • Stay on topic – no rabbit trails (in regular language it’s confusing enough, but in writing it means losing readers)
  • If you find yourself getting off topic, maybe that means you have TWO blog posts!
  • Please review the content of Radical Christian Woman to get a “vibe” of what we like to publish. If you have a post idea you are submitting to multiple places, please tailor the post to fit RCW.
  • Though we love edgy opinions and don’t mind challenging mainstream opinions, we love the Word of God more. If your commentary doesn’t align with scriptures, we won’t publish it.
  • Remember that our audience is mostly made up of women between the ages of 25-45 who are looking for a deeper relationship with Jesus. They want to constantly be challenged, but not in a superficial-touchy-feeling way or in a I’m-too-cool-for-normal-church way, but in a radical Jesus-way that encompasses all who the Bible says Jesus was throughout the foreshadowing of the Old Testament and the events of the New Testament. A huge majority of our readers are moms. Many homeschooling moms and head covering Christian women.
  • There is a quote from Leonard Ravenhill that says, “When you preach from the head, you reach the head, but when you preach from the heart, you reach the heart.” I hope that all my writers on RCW, write from the wisdom of the spirit of God inside them and not their own wisdom.


When will I know my post is accepted?

RCW will contact you usually within three weeks of receiving posts. If you haven’t heard from us by then, PLEASE email us again! We are human and can get behind on emails, too!

Can I link to my own blog in the post I submit?

Feel free to link to your blog in the post as well (further up toward top is best because most readers don’t always read all the way to the bottom of post…I know…sucky, right?)

Does RCW pay for posts?

At this time, RCW doesn’t pay BUT I allow affiliate links in your blog posts!

Do I need to create any sharable images for the post I submit?

Because we are trying to build a recognizable brand, RCW will create pinnable/sharable graphics. Don’t worry about that!

But can I submit photos?

Any photos to accompany blog posts are appreciated. We try to use any photos you send within the post. Do note that the images will be watermarked with the RCW logo. Please only submit royalty-free images that you have purchased or have the copyright for. If you are looking for low-priced quality stock images, visit