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Day3lesson1 2 300x300 5255932 I remember in fifth grade my teacher spoke and wrote notes in longhand over two giant chalkboards. We were required to copy them quickly as she was speaking. If we did not get the first chalk board copied by the time she had completed the second chalkboard, we were required to copy the notes from our peers.

This exercise prepared me for the many college classes I had where note taking was essential. By using this talking/writing form of teaching, I believe I am preparing my children for additional education (aka college/institution for higher learning) if they believe the Lord is leading them down that path.

I do not use this method in every subject during my homeschooling day, but early note taking skills is an essential learning concept in life. As adults, we regularly take notes while in church or attending a seminar. We are required to write quickly while still retaining the information we are listening to.

The benefits of note taking (specifically by hand) are:

(Source: Learn2Study.org & University of Reading)

  • Encoding/Recall (aka remember the stuff you learned)
  • Learning to Summarize (students learn how to take paragraphs of information and whittle it down into a single sentence)
  • Avoid Plagurism (since you are summarizing, you are less likely to use other people’s words as your own)
  • Improves Writing Skills (especially helpful to early writers)

Hand-written notes are better than typed notes

Hand written notes enables students to recall information better than computer taken notes, even though transcribing notes via the computer allowed people to take twice as many notes.
(Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education)

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