Why Would You Advertise with a Sex Toy Company?

Funny thing.

Married Christians have sex.

God invented sex.

But there are things that we use to make sex more comfortable – like lubricant.

Or fun – like massage oils.

And for some Christian couples the addition to sex toys increases that enjoyment.

If you want to believe that Christian married couples aren’t using sex toys, take it from me…Can Christian Married Couples Use Sex Toys? is one of the MOST popular blogs on this site. Married people ARE curious. They need advice. The post simply states the pros and cons on the matter.

There are many people who oppose the use of toys, I understand. But for those who don’t, they are forced to visit smutty sites with pornographic images. Another point is that husbands like to buy lingerie for their wives…but are usually forced to view pornographic images or go into raunchy stores with sexy images plastered all over the place. This site displays the lingerie items on a mannequin for safe viewing.

Christian Love Toys offers a variety of sex-related items (like lubricants, massage oils, games and sex toys) that AVOID the use of pornographic images providing a SAFE browsing experience.

I’m not looking to get into an argument with those who think Christian Love Toys opposes God’s design for sex. We can agree to disagree. You don’t have to follow me or like my opinion about the subject.

But since married Christian couples DO use sex-related items, I think it’s a great idea to support Christians standing up against porn while keeping the marriage bed enjoyable.

Click the image to visit Christian Love Toys:

  • NO pornography or pornographic products.
  • NO products or images that degrade women, men or marriage.
  • We are excited to now offer lingerie showcased on mannequins, not models.