Why My Family Dressed Up to See The Hunger Games

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Familyinsta 300x300 4121779 “Are you Effie Trinket?” the movie attendant asked me.

“No, sir. My name is Flitter, this is my husband Flutter and my daughters, Coconut and Vespa.”

I scurried away in a series of tiny-tiny-tiny steps in my silver stilettos with one gloved armed held high and the other arm hold a large heart box that served as my purse. I was wearing the only Capitol-esque shoes I could find in my closet and the box belongs to my daughter.

My husband leaned over to me with his Capitol-styled goatee (filled in with brown eyeshadow for effect) and said, “Did you hear what he said after you walked away?”

“No, what?” I asked.

“He said, ‘That’s awesome.’”

And it was. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Being a Parent Makes You Awesome

You remember when you were young and single (or maybe you still are) and you wanted to do something but didn’t have the guts to do it…even if you were gusty like I was, there were still things you were not confident enough to do, right?

Naomimom 300x300 5214980 I don’t know what it is about being a parent that allows you to use your kids as a “reason” to be fully dorkified. To be fully you. But when you are surrounded by a crowd of people and Frozen’s “Let it Go” comes on, it’s easy to dance like a fool when you are surrounded by your kids. It doesn’t matter what the crowd think…those sweet little eyes beaming up at you wash away any embarrassment you might feel.

A year ago, I wrote a book called Thriving the First Days of Becoming Mommy where I quote renowned missionary Amy Carmichael who said, “Children tie the feet.” I agree with her, but I also believe that children propel you towards the person God created us to be. They refine us. They etch away at our insecurities (and our sanity sometimes). They make us remember what is important…each other.

For those of you who read my post I Hate Being a Mother {but I really, really want to love it} you will know that I’ve been struggling lately after the birth of my sixth baby. I’ve had many people suggest postpartum depression, but more so I’ve found that post resonated with many mothers (online and offline). I will admit that some of my feelings could be hormonal, but I’ve suffered with PPD before…this is different. Depression doesn’t have a root cause, sadness does. And this time I’ve been able to pinpoint my sadness.

I’ve been sad because there is a LOT of work and not a lot of play in my life. There are a LOT of diapers to change, a new baby to breastfeeding, homeschool papers to grade, grocery shopping to be done, etc. And I’m tired.

Noahelaine 300x300 4308998 Why My Family Dressed Up For The Hunger Games Movie Premier

This brings me to why I agreed to dress up for a fun movie night with my two oldest girls, hubby and my stepdad. It started as a wishful thought by my oldest daughter and slowly turned into a reality.

My daughter loves watching tutorials on YouTube and saw one on Capitol Makeup Tutorial and suggested we go to the third Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 1, as Capitol people. She probably asked me between chasing a toddler and mopping the floor…so I guess I said “yes.”

As the movie approached, my agreement hung in the air. But instead of trying to shimmying out of my commitment, I embraced it.

When else am I going to get the chance to go makeup-ape-wild and dress up in costume for a great cult classic?

Sophiamominsta 300x300 2882479 And that’s it…the reason for dressing up — to enjoy my life with the people I love most. To have fun.

Fun…something that was is sorely lacking my life. And I’m guessing it is sorely lacking in A LOT of lives out there. We clock in and clock out. We mow our lawns every week (okay…I don’t) only to know we will have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN…next week. Futile monotony. Ugh.

Obviously, life isn’t all about having fun. But it is about having some fun, right?

A lot of why I have been hating motherhood (and many other parts of my life) lately is because my life has become all about the DOING and not about the PEOPLE. You can’t expect to enjoy family life if you aren’t having some sort of fun with those people who live in the same house with you.

In this post, I want to dispel some lies. Fun is spiritual. Fun is physical. Fun is mental. Fun is emotional. It can be all these things at once or one at a time. Fun can come from outside yourself AND inside yourself. Having fun is important.

Don’t be a parent that has been baptized in pickle juice. Go and have some fun. Your children are watching you. And one day they will either want to BE you or BE someone else…if you aren’t taking the time to have fun with them, you can bet they will want to be like the person who does have fun with them.

You will catch me (and my family) dressed up and having fun in District 13 coveralls for Part 2 of Mockingjay…if I can find coveralls, that is!

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