Why Christian Women Should Strength Train

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As women, even as Christian women, we are bombarded with the world’s idea of beauty daily. So often we feel unattractive, inadequate, or lack confidence.

STOP IT. Forget the world. Forget society’s standards of beauty.

I promise you that you are beautiful just the way you are. Instead focus on health and doing what you need to do to honor God with your body.

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My Story: Fat & Loathing

I have been overweight, unfit, and unhealthy my entire life. I knew I needed to change that. I didn’t enjoy life like I should. Self-loathing and emotional eating have always been my M-O.

My fitness journey began with conviction from the Holy Spirit. I read 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and knew I hadn’t been honoring God with my body.

Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

Please keep this in mind as you read this. I’m not some super-fit hottie tottie pointing fingers and trying to shame you into working out.

Nope. Not this girl. I’m pretty much just talking to myself on paper and letting you all read it and when I get off track, eat poorly, and don’t  exercise.

Those two verses are there to remind me of why I was doing it to begin with: to honor God with my body.

Why Should a Christian Women Strength Train?

If you are a Christian woman, I feel like it’s safe to say that you’ve heard of the Proverbs 31 woman by now. She is super woman!!! She can be intimidating. She needs LOTS of grace and help from the Lord, but you know what else she needs?


Yes ma’am. She needs muscles.

Proverbs 31:17 tells us that she dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong. Now why would she do that? Think about everything we do as part of daily life…laundry, buy groceries, dishes, parent children, etc. Daily life is why we need muscles. We need strong arms and a strong back and chest to carry those laundry baskets and bags of groceries. We need strong arms and a strong core and back when we have a 9 month old that is teething and wants to be on mommy’s hip the majority of the day. We need strong everything to run and play with our kids, to throw a ball, to pick them up when they fall. We need strength in our daily lives, but we also need strength at other times too.

Now imagine for a minute you’re in the car and on the way to get those bags of groceries your going to need to carry in later, with your teething 9 month old in the backseat of the car. You just passed a construction site and picked up a nail in your tire.

Roadside assistance is going to be at least 30 mins?

In the words of that wonderful meme that’s floating around on social media “Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!”

Never fear, Strong Girl is here!!! She pops her trunk, grabs her spare, jack, and tire iron and sets to work on the task at hand. In no time, she’s closing her trunk and on her way. I DO NOT believe in shaming people but Weak Girl is waiting on roadside assistance with a teething 9 month old in the back seat.

I will also use myself as an example. I have my own business aside from my blog. I do rustic home décor. Weathered pallets are like gold to me but they are also heavy. Now, if there is a guy around who wants to lift those for me, I’m not so full of pride that I’m not going to let him, but that’s just it. There isn’t always a strong man around. I need my own strength to lift those pallets. I need strong arms to hold them, a strong back and core to be stable, and since we should ALWAYS lift with our legs, I need strong legs to squat and pick them up and to keep myself balanced.

The bottom line is this: we NEED strength to carry out our God appointed tasks each day.

But who has time to work out????

We having teething 9 month olds for crying out loud!!! I get it. Actually, I don’t have a teething 9 month old, but I do get it.

Believe it or not, it’s actually not as hard as you might think and it doesn’t have to take lots of time.

Here’s some tips to get extra strength training in around the house each day:

  1. Squat when you can. So your brushing your teeth? Do squats. You dropped your dish towel? Squat and pick it up. Getting clothes out of the dryer? You guessed it. Don’t bend over to get those clothes; squat and get them. Squats are one of those hard hitting exercises that pack a big punch. They will rock your lower body.
  2. Freeze a ½ gallon of water. This is super handy for bicep curls and to work your triceps (just watch your head with the triceps.) Put a note on your freezer door as a reminder so that when you go to grab that pack of ground beef out to thaw for supper, you can do 3 sets of 10 bicep curls too. It takes 1 minute and 25 seconds to do it. I was curious so I timed it :/. I’m a nerd like that.
  3. Do standing crunches while you take a shower or wash dishes. Or any other activity where you are standing in one place for any length of time. They are easy to do. Just “crunch” your abs by tightening the muscles in your midsection, pulling your belly button towards your back, and bending forward. Strong abs = strong core. Strong core = fewer pulled lower back muscles.
  4. Other at home strengthening exercises include:
    1. Wall, floor, or knee push-ups according to your ability. These will strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back. Push ups are the squats of the upper body.
    2. Tricep dips on a chair. Easy-peasy workout. Just put your palms on the edge of a hard, stable chair and lower yourself like you are sitting on the floor and then raise yourself back up. They are done kind of like a backward push-up on a chair.
    3. Kick-backs. These are pretty self explanatory. You know you are doing them right when your booty tightens up. No this is not for vanity but to help avoid lower back injury. (But it doesn’t hurt when hubby notices)

So, forget working out for “hottness,” you are already gorgeous. Just do it to make it easier on yourself to set forth and perform the task before you and to honor God with your body. The rest will take care of it’s self.

P.S. The endorphins are a nice bonus too.

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