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I’m sure you people are on pins and needles wondering what I have been reading online this week. I mean seriously. Well, don’t worry. I have it all here below. These are the articles that shaped my thoughts this week.

Christmas Stuff

The Brutally Honest Christmas Card by D.L. Mayfield blog. A Christmas card with honest reflections of a crappy past year.

What To Do About Santa. The Santa myth is a hard one for moms with littles. This blog makes amazing points on why you shouldn’t promote it.

The Story of Saint Nicholas. Kids book promoted by Voice of the Martyrs telling the REAL story of ‘Santa’.

Funny Stuff

Hello from the Motherside (Adele Parody Video) by Emily Mills and her husband, Brett. The couple runs a non-profit, Jesus Said Love AND are funny. I’m sold.

Mommy Stuff

When Mothering is Downright Hellacious. How to survive those days of mothering…not that I need it. But some people do.

Nella Cordelia: A Birth Story. Don’t read this unless you have tissues. Such a sweet insight into the first moments of a mom surprised during the birth of her daughter when she discovers she has down syndrome.

Why Have More Kids? This is a constant question of mine. Comment section is blown up on this one.

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Why American Persecution Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Brain/Emotion Stuff

Stop saying ’sorry’ if you want to say thank you. OH MY GOODNESS. This is me!!!!

Lord Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk. Mom just loaned me this. God? Are you telling me something?

Head Covering Stuff

Head Covering in Trondheim International Church (+Photos). I like to see how churches that head covering look in real life.

Fair Trade Scarves. Always trying to find a new reason to buy a new head covering. C’mon hon, but I’m supporting women who have been freed from sex trafficking.

Controversial Stuff

Clearly, We Need More Shame And Judgment In Our Society. Probably the most intense thing I read all week.

Georgia Guidestones. For the conspiracy theorist in all of you. WHY don’t more people talk about this craziness?

Marriage Stuff

Open Letter to the Wife of a Conspiracy-Obsessed Husband. I wonder if we are married to the same man?

Honey, I love you, but I think we need separate beds. I wouldn’t do this in real life…but a girl can dream can’t she. #NotaCuddler

Spiritual Stuff

Please Don’t Read My Blog. I agree with this. Don’t read my blog if you didn’t spend time in the presence of Jesus yet.

The Secret Art Of Restful Living. I SUCK at this BIG time!

What Would Jesus Say to a Homosexual? Probably the BEST thing I’ve read on the subject.

Work/Writing Stuff

Are animated covers the future of book design? Some groovy cover arts for books…that move.

These 12 Habits Are Killing Your Productivity. Ummm…you had me at ‘hello’.

Kimra Luna. This chick is doing SOMETHING right.

Homeschool Stuff

10 Things Your Homeschool Friend Won’t Tell You (but wishes you knew). #7…especially when I feel like a failure at this homeschool thing.

Shopping Stuff

Earring of the Month Club. I love the work that Kristen Welch of We Are THAT Family is doing with Fair Trade Friday.


Hallelujah – Lindsey Stirling. Best message EVAH…wait for it. Oh yeah, and the music rocks too.