How to Trust God When You Have a Timeline

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Jasmine Nkrumah is a graduate from Baylor University, originally from Houston, Texas, she is currently in medical school, pursuing her dream to become a pediatric physician. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and co-founder of the Diverse Verses Poetry Group, a spoken word poetry student organization established on Baylor’s campus. She is a firm believer that everyone, men or women, kings and queens – with knowing value and worth in their thoughts, actions, and words.

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As a woman in her mid-20s, it can be intimidating to keep up with the demands of life. It is especially difficult if you are logging into Facebook and another high school or college classmate is getting married, or having kids, or advancing in their career.

I am genuinely happy for my friends and colleagues. It is amazing to see the growth in other people; however, I can’t help but get this feeling that I am behind in this race.

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How do you trust God when Life seems to be going too slow?

When I graduated from college, my sorority sisters and I got together to decorate our graduation caps. As I did this, I mentally went through all the highs and lows of my college career. The once far away thought of me walking the stage and getting my degree was now becoming a reality.

With the stresses and struggles of college life, I was able to walk confidently in it by remembering this verse:

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans” – Proverbs 16:3

Even if something you are wanting is far off, we can be assured that if we’ve put it before the Lord, He is faithful to complete the work He started in us!


It is always easy to say “Of course I trust God” if our life is going according to our plan. But what happens if that plan takes a 180 degree turn and it feels you are going backwards or just staying still?

Biologically, I should be having children now – baby fever IS realMy clock is ticking and no there is no rewind button in life.

Believe me when I say it’s frustrating. But, kings and queens, that moment – the perfect job, perfect man, and perfect family – is coming. Yes, it is true, that we have this biological timeline that we get reminded of every so often. But know this. We may have a timeline in place, but our all-powerful, all-providing, all-comforting God is always on time. We just don’t know it until it happens.

Also, there are certain things we ask from God that we are not ready to handle. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. If you pray for more money, that would fix annoying debt and student loans, but there is a level of responsibility and wisdom that comes with money. Because where money lies, greed is not far behind.

If you ask God for a husband, you get what you think the heart wants. You get the butterflies in the stomach, you get the ring, you get the ultimate Pinterest wedding. However, marriage starts after you return from the honeymoon. Be honest with yourself:  Are you willing to be less selfish and spiritually submit to a man? I am in a long-term relationship and can tell you that I am not in the right place to be married just yet. But in time, I know God will stamp His approval on it.

Even today, I look back at this verse to remind myself how loving and loyal God will always be. Trust in God takes more than just saying it. It takes the ultimate spiritual trust fall. We may not know what tomorrow brings and we may not know if how our situation now will serve a greater purpose in God’s kingdom.

But it takes walking in faith – that unwavering, crazy faith in God – instead of walking in what we see.

God Knows Our Future, Even when we don’t

We are to trust in God in ALL that we do and to not depend on what we know, how we feel, or what we think is going to happen.

Our minds know is what is in front of us at this time, but God sees so far beyond that! He sees us as prosperous and ecstatic about the future. He knows that we are destined for greatness. As His children, we are heirs to his kingdoms, we are made to inherit the great things of this world. And it will happen at the time we need it. Because at that time, we will know that it is not our power that got us here, but the power of God.

God places us in seasons of dry climate to remind ourselves that our thirst for His love and power is real and it can bring nourishment no just to our life, but our spirit and soul.

We are never alone in our stresses, struggles, and sadness. We are women of God. We serve a God that gave up His son to die just for our salvation. We serve a God that blew everyone’s mind and rose Jesus from the dead. We serve a God that is gracious and loving beyond our thought process. God has plans for us – plans bigger than our timelines.

Stay beautiful, Kings and Queens!

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Jasmine Nkrumah

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