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Top Places to Buy Modest Swimwear

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Summer is here…again. And so is the entire modesty/swimsuit conundrum.

It’s almost impossible to find a place to buy modest swimwear.


As a mom of five girls, there can be a LOT of tears when it comes to picking out a decent swimsuit. Not because they don’t want to wear one (well…at least most of them do!) but because the options are so limited!

I don’t know how it is in your family, but our rule is:

Swimsuits can’t be cute, but not modest. And it shouldn’t be just modest, but not cute. It has to be cute AND modest.

Add in a large-chested teen, a small-for-her-size preteen, and one that doesn’t understand why we can’t wear bikinis…this mom had been at her wits end with bathing suit shopping! Oh, and I forgot…I have one that can’t seem to get that a six year old can’t wear her 3-year-old sister’s bathing suit from last summer.

Sometimes I wish lived in a country where ALL women wore burkinis! (It’s a thing.)

Personally, I wear a modest-ish bathing suit top and a long skirt that is bathing-suit-ish material.

When I’ve worn my older swimsuits, I most always regret it. (Seriously, I wore it while washing the car one time and some creepy guy was watching me from his car…ughh!)

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Summer is a season when YOGA PANTS seem modest!

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I’ve listed my favorite modest swimwear on Amazon here. But there are TONS of other places to buy modest swimwear.

I have researched and researched to find the cutest AND most modest swimsuit retailers online. And here’s the top places to buy modest swimwear!

Top Places to Buy Modest Swimwear

*In no particular order

  1. Hydrochic.com
  2. Amazon.com
  3. Esty
  4. JenClothing.com
  5. Yesstyle.com
  6. https://www.Liligal.com
  7. DaintyJewells.com
  8. Layersclothingco.com
  9. Janelabay.com
  10. Thepinkdesert.com
  11. Albionfit.com
  12. Modli.co
  13. Kortnijeane.com
  14. Juneloop.com
  15. Mikarose.com
  16. Kingdomandstate.com/a>
  17. Calledtosurf.com
  18. DMFashion.com
  19. JessicaRey.com/
  20. Beverlyswimwear.com
  21. Swimspot.com
  22. Titlenine.com
  23. Undercoverwaterwear.com
  24. Limericki.com
  25. Athleta.com
  26. Hapari.com
  27. Coolibar.com
  28. Cleo Madison

Want a quick collection of the best places to find modest swimwear this summer? Look no further, here is a list of 30+ top places to buy modest swimwear.


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    • S Autry
    • April 24, 2017

    I’ve found great suits for my daughter at coolibar.com. I order them a little larger (because they have an elastic waistband) and can usually get two seasons out of one purchase.

  1. Reply

    Hi, Elaine, you’ve compiled a great list! I was wondering if you would be interested in adding Splashgear’s site to your list as well? We offer surf-inspired full-coverage UV-protective swimwear as separates. Check us out.

  2. Reply

    Here is the website: http://www.splashgearusa.com