Top 10 Things to Clean for Busy Moms

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Avoid Holiday Stress When Cleaning

Being a homeschooling mom of many children, the holiday season can be stressful for receiving guests. If you are like me, you are trying to wrap up loose ends with your child’s schooling demands, wrangle the tinsel that is falling off your Christmas tree and bake. Mmmm…baking. The last thing I have time for is a deep clean in a time crunch…unless I want to forgo a bath!

Which I don’t.

So, here is my quick list.

Top 10 Things to Clean in a Time Crunch

  1. Foyer/Entry Room – This is the first place your guest will see, make a “my-house-is-as-clean-as-this-part-of-the-house-is” impression
  2. Vacuum Carpets – The lines from the vacuum and no cookie crumbs are a sure-fire winner
  3. Guest Bathroom Mirror – a dirty mirror makes the rest of the bathroom look dingy, even if you can’t clean the bathroom from top to bottom a clean mirror will do wonders
  4. Kitchen Counters – even if you have a pile of dishes in the sink, it always looks better when your counters are clean and empty
  5. Room that will be used most during a visit – stop yelling at the kids to clean their bedrooms…lock those doors and focus on the areas that the guest will ACTUALLY see.
  6. Toilets – no chemicals needed, just a quick scrub with toilet wand will suffice…just to get the ring off.
  7. Smells – get rid of anything that smells…including the diaper you put in the kitchen trash. My best friend is my candle warmer. No fire to worry about, just good smells. (Check out the holiday scents pack on Amazon*)
  8. Papers – take an plastic bag and shove all the papers/artwork lying around the house into it. Sort it later!
  9. Spills/Stains – Like that weird yogurt stain on your couch. White spots are gross…on anything. It just screams bodily fluid, even if it isn’t.
  10. YOURSELF. Don’t forsake makeup and hair for a clean house. You are more important than your house.

When you clean in a time crunch it is easy to get stressed out and start yelling at everyone!

STOP!!! Take a breath.

Remember Jesus is your peace…not a clean house!

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