There is nothing like knowing that you are right with God. We want everyone to understand, but there is a lie that many Christians tell without even realizing it!

The Lie Christians Need to Stop Telling

Imagine sitting in a meeting, you are learning how to promote a product. It’s a really good product, one that you really believe the mass public needs. A product that has changed your life dramatically in the best way possible.

The trainer tells everyone to list how life was before the product entered your life. Pencils are scribbling.

You look around, knowing they are all writing things like “I was miserable/desperate/lost/lonely…etc.”

You think about your before life and it did have it’s down points, but honestly your life was as good as it was going to get considering your ignorance of the product.

Then, the instructor tells you to write how your life was after the product was introduced. Again, pencils scratch across the surfaces of pre-lined workbook paper.

But when you look down at your answers both the before and after answers kinda look the same. Before the product, your life had ups and downs. After the product, your life had ups and downs. The only difference was the product.

Hands raise for sharing answers. Your suspicions are confirmed, everyone has given the expected answer.

The teacher notices you are exceptionally quiet, he wants to know what you wrote. Reluctantly, you share your honest answer.

Some of the students balk…how could you say anything so atrocious! Some of the students agree with slight nods of their heads and near-soundless “mmm-hmms.” Others aren’t sure where they stand since you’ve just blown the guise out of the water.

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You can feel the flush of embarrassment as the teacher remains silent. He is trying to decide how to fit this new development into his lesson. His one goal is to continue promoting the product. (Heck, so is yours!)

The Lie Christians Need to Stop Telling People

People who sell stuff tend to downplay the disadvantages and upsell the advantages. This is the same with Christians.

We often promote the lie that if we follow Jesus, ALL our problems will be solved!

But that simply isn’t true. In fact, I think I have more (or at least I’m aware of more) problems than I did when I wasn’t a Christian.

When I first became a Christian, I was a heroin user, but with the absence of heroin (and a host of other drugs), I was forced to deal with the fact that I was bulimic. Because of my drug usage, my bulimia had  taken a back seat in my life. The high/low serotonin cycle I thrived on with my eating disorder was usurped by the high/lows I felt on drugs. So, when I became a Christian and gave up the (obvious) bad things, my eating disorder swooped down on me with a vengeance.

I spent the first year of my Christian life excitedly anticipating Sunday and Wednesday services, but when I was in church I was anxiously anticipating going home so I could eat and throw up. It was a living hell.

I’m happy to say after a year of many unsuccessful attempts to “go cold turkey” on my own, my mother helped me enter an outpatient rehab center. Since the day I walked into the clinic (before any therapy was started), the Lord delivered me from my eating disorder.

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What Will HapPen if I tell People the truth about Christianity

Without Jesus, I am positive that I would have continued on with my destructive behavior. He was/is my deliverer.

(Forgive my disgusting reference to Jesus as a “product” and TRY to understand the analogy).

Without Jesus (aka, “the product”) I would have to go at fighting my problems alone. In fact, I had tried to give up my eating disorder prior to becoming a Christian at 19-years-old. I remember promising myself (when I was 14) that if I turned 16-years-old and still had this sickness I would confess it to someone to get help. Needless to say, I turned 16 and didn’t tell a soul!

It took Christ for me to have the power to confess to someone that I had a problem. And it took Christ’s power in my weakness as a Christian, to admit I still couldn’t do it on my own and I needed professional help.

Despite being set free from bulimia, but I still have other problems. I still battle depression and self-pity. I still battle the selfish desires I have to ignore my children or forsake my quiet time with God. I’ve been known to cuss, drink and get outrageously angry.

The truth is that Jesus does make your life better in some ways, but that’s not why we are Christians.

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We become Christians because we’ve realized that we are morally bankrupt. We cannot do enough to get into heaven by our own good works. We need a Savior.

That’s it. No more.

Yes, God wants us to have an abundant life…but his version of how that works out might be radically different than what the world considers abundant.

Christians need to stop promoting the LIE that life after Jesus is problem-free.


  • Because in the end, lies always cause more pain than pleasure.
  • Because you will be disappointed in your own life when you face trials.

Jesus doesn’t need you to sugar-coat Christianity, he needs you to be honest about your faith. 
And honestly, unbelievers can see straight through your sugar-coated expressions of Jesus.

So share your life, your real life with unbelievers. They need to know the truth, so they can count the cost. Following Jesus is hard stuff, if you give them a false image of “the product” they may very well take it back to the store!

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