The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Homeschool on Day 2 of Thy Period

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I have decided that the second day of my cycle needs to become a national holiday in my house. No housework, homeschool or exercise allowed. Only yoga pants and handheld devices should be permitted.

The other night, an hour before I realized I was beginning my cycle, I had a meltdown how I wasn’t sure I could trust God. I cried pitifully to my husband that because of my past experience of being molested by a youth pastor, I felt vulnerable when trusting people who are supposed to be in authority. God is THE authority, so it’s difficult to remember that He is not like my abuser on normal days. And, it’s especially hard when I’ve started my period.

As Christians, we have to admit that our hormones can play a HUGE role in our we accurately view God and correctly interact with the rest of the world.

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Four Tips for Dealing With Aunt Flow

1. Prepare

We should mentally prepare ourselves (and others) for those days we know things might be rough for us emotionally and physically.

By giving our people at home a heads up that there are upcoming bumps in the road, they will realize that any outbursts you have (God forbid) aren’t necessarily directed solely at them.

We should also prepare ourselves for lies that the enemy could mix into the cocktail of our hormones.

2. Relax

Like I stated above, I am seriously considering making a gap each month for my cycle. I’m not sure if that means we won’t do school, but it means that I’m going to loosen the rules a little.I’m going to make an effort to not freak out about the housework. I’m going to read my book and take a bath or shower.

We should also take note that our body physically reacts to our cycle. We could break out, experience fatigue or have cramps. Let’s cast the blame on our hormones and not on God or other people.

  • If you have a zit, relax, it’s just hormones.
  • If you are tired, relax, it’s just hormones.
  • If your cramping, take a pain reliever, get a heating pad and relax, it’s just hormones.

3. Reflect

Personally, I believe many things that come bubbling up to the surface during stressful times are real issues that need to be dealt with. Our hormones render us incapable of ignoring those things that get under our skin.

A small thing (like our husband’s suggestion to drive a pilot hole for a screw when you just want to slam a hammer into it) is probably nothing to worry about. But if something continues to rear its ugly head every month on the dot (pun intended), like an out-of-control financial situation or bitterness towards a family member, we should probably take the hint and deal with it.

After you’ve reflected. Pray about gnawing issues that present themselves during your cycle, but deal with it after your hormones have settled.

4. Forgive and Ask for Forgiveness

Many times we say things in the heat of the moment that we later regret. It’s important to recognize those things and make amends to the ones we’ve hurt during our cycle (or any time we are under stress).

If someone has slighted you during your cycle, it’s a good idea to wait until your head clears up before confronting them. You might find that what they did wasn’t really that big of an issue after all. Time is always your friend when dealing with confrontation.

Remember to include God on this list.

It’ll All Come to an End (at least for a while)

Cycles are cycles. For every beginning there has to be an end!

If we realize that our crazy emotions will eventually level back out we can better surf their erratic waves.

Knowing that it’ll all be over soon makes it easier to give ourselves, our family and our God grace.

And that’s all I’ll say about that. Period.

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