There are some shortcuts that actually make your work so much harder. Here's how to tell if a shortcut will shortcut you!

Should I Take a Shortcut?

I’m that girl. You know the one. The type that mows over her tree cuttings so she doesn’t have to scoop them into the big brown yard bag.

Yep. That’s me. As a mom of many children, I have to know all these little shortcuts out of sheer necessity.

But there are some shortcuts…that…well…aren’t shortcuts. Those decisions that actually make your work so much harder. Some shortcuts just create a bigger mess.

So, it’s not unlike me to vacuum over things that maybe…just maybe…should have been otherwise picked up by hand.

This is exactly what happened the other day.

There was a big green crayon (I think…it could have been a tip to a marker that got chewed off…who knows).

Anyway, it was upstairs.

In general, markers and crayons aren’t allowed upstairs. But real life happens, right?

It happened to be one of those days – the wonderful and glorious days where you get EVERYTHING you wanted to get done accomplished. (Believe me, lately they have been few and far between.)

Baby was going to bed, so I needed to vacuum in his room…where the green crayon pieces were laying on the carpet.

Easy. Peasy.

Sike. (Remember that term from the 90s?)

As soon as I rolled over the mess, it cracked and popped in my machine. It didn’t seem to be going anywhere. So I upturned the vacuum and it finally dislodged.

Not that bad. Yet.

At first, it was just light green streaks. I figured, oh well, it’s not that bad and I continued my work. Then there were major green spots. They. Were. Everywhere.

And, unfortunately, I didn’t just vacuum the baby’s room.

I kept thinking that it would get better. But it didn’t until I overturned the Bissell and inspected the issue. One of the brushes was covered with the mess of green crayon. After removal, I continued to vacuum, mostly successful.

But sometimes there are things like green crayon in our lives.

Things that we knew we should have done the harder thing  in the beginning (in my case, getting down on my knees and cleaning the green gunk up properly). Maybe someone even suggested we handle the issue a certain way. But we figured we could just ignore it. That it would go away on its own.

But like the green crayon on my carpet, it gets stuck then just keeps leaving marks. We keep pressing on, hoping that it’ll get better, but it doesn’t. First they may be small spots of residue but eventually they are large undeniable spots of our failure to do the right thing.

If you are struggling to ‘turn around’ and stop dealing with a certain issue in the wrong way, know that you can STILL turn around. It’s not too late!

Next time we are wondering if our ‘shortcut’ is the wrong way, we can ask these three things:

  1. What is the worst possible outcome?

  2. Do you feel a gentle tug that it might be the wrong way?

  3. Does it contradict scripture in any way?

If the potential consequence isn’t one you are willing to risk, turn around. If you feel something tell you to avoid it, stop. If it contradicts scripture, it’s wrong.

Many of us have made some major mistakes and sometimes there is no way to make it right in our own power. There still is hope! God’s one purpose for sending down Jesus from Heaven was to undo an action that man himself could not rectify. No amount of good deeds would wash the stain of sin, so Jesus was send to die on a cross so we could be reunited with God the Father for all of eternity.

The green crayon in my carpet DID eventually come out…and any shortcut that you might have taken will one day be forgotten and forgiven too if you accept responsibility and turn around and go the other direction!

There are some shortcuts that actually make your work so much harder. Here's how to tell if a shortcut will shortcut you!



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