Netflix vs Pureflix (Should You Switch?)

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This is my month-long journey from completely switching from Netflix (aka cancelling) to Pureflix. I’m trying as hard as I can to allow nothing else but Pureflix to be played on my (amazing) Roku USB stick.

These videos are pasted in order, so if you want the latest one you need to scroll down to the very bottom of this post.

All these videos are done “on the fly” and are my “mostly” formed opinions. I do occasionally say “crap,” so if you have children you might want to be careful if that’s a bad word in your house (it is in mine!). I’m open to correction and am doing my best to be gentle and loving, while being honest and authentic. Forgive me when I fail.

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Should I Switch From Netflix to PureFlix?

(This is the 6 video playlist from YouTube)

Day 1: Cancelling NetFlix for PureFlix?

This marks the beginning of our switch (cancellation) of Netflix to Pure Flix…will we keep this switch? Will be reinstate Netflix? Will we keep PureFlix?
(and the reason why we didn’t just “add” PureFlix to our lineup)
Disclaimer: We do not have any other form of television (cable, Hulu, antennae, etc)

Day 3: 2 Lessons After Three Days of My Pureflix vs Netflix Challenge

What have I learned after only three days of deactivating Netflix and installing Pureflix on my Roku device?

Day 4: The Problem with Christian Programming

I want to like PureFlix…I really do.

Some of the problems with Christian programming in their lineup isn’t their fault…but some of it is!

Day 7: PureFlix: Not Every Christian Movies Aligns With My Belief System

Even on Pureflix you have to monitor what your family watches because not every Christian film, movie, show aligns with your specific belief system. Our family doesn’t support shows that display teen dating because we apply the scripture that states “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you do not awaken love before it is ready” (Song of Solomon 8:4) but there are many shows on Pureflix that depict teen dating.

Day 14: The Purchase that Derailed Our PureFlix Experiment

What happens when you add another media to PureFlix? Watch and find out in our accidental experiment. BONUS CONTENT: PureFlix rep at my blogger conference speaks about their interactions with Netflix. A MUST watch for all!

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Day 21: What My Husband Has Gotten Out of Switching to Pureflix

My husband has been on board with the switch from Netflix to Pureflix from the start, but little did he realize that it would have a profound impact on him.

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