There're many great tv shows, but many include unbridled cussing, sex, & gore. What's too much? How do you decide if it's time to quit a TV show you're watching?
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I’m Convicted by a TV Show, What Should I Do?

Don’t you hate when you are just starting to get into the storyline of a show on Netflix when you get that little check in your spirit that says:

“I can’t, in good conscience, keep watching this show!”

It’s not fun.

These are my attempts to continue watching:

  • “But I want to see what happens…”
  • “It’s not that bad.”
  • “Just one more episode.”


I had just started watching a show a Christian friend recommended (which goes to show you that you can’t trust even Christians to recommend shows anymore!) and three and a half episodes in I had to quit watching because the subject matter was just too disturbing.

I really wanted to watch it. I tried to rationalize it away. But after talking to my very wise sister, I was convinced the long-term disadvantages of watching were not worth the short-term enjoyment of the show.
I try to be picky, but I don’t just watch Christian programming…so discontinuing a show doesn’t happen just because there is some cussing or inappropriate scenes.

What We Watch Affects Our Beliefs

Usually, I can tell right away when a show doesn’t pass my Jesus test, but sometimes it takes a while for the characters to develop when I realize I don’t want to watch something anymore.

Like when I started to watch Scandal and realized that Olivia Pope was having an affair with the President who was married. I don’t want to watch a show where much of it centers around adultery. Good plotline and characterization…but no.

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I know that adultery lurks in my heart, which is why I decided not to have male friends. What we watch DOES affect our outlook on life.

I actually unfollowed a “Christian” blogger who was actively supporting the viewing of the show Orange is the New Black which centers on females prisoners, many of whom are “gay for the stay.” Guess what, this blogger eventually publically announced that gay marriage could be “holy” and acceptable to God.

God Has Something Better in Store

The amazing thing is that every time I’ve given up a show for God, the Lord has provided something that’s better.

When I gave up Friends (yes, Friends) reruns in 2007, the Lord gave me Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love. I didn’t even know there was such thing as non-cheesy Christian fiction.

And more recently, I started reading Midnight Jesus by Jamie Blane…which I wouldn’t have read if I hadn’t given up the show I was watching. This book is AMAZING!

What We Watch Should Uplift Us

The things that the Lord sends us will uplift us and encourage our faith, instead of bog it down with sordid details about people who love their sin.

Today, I encourage you to take a good hard look at your TV programming.

Is it glorifying God? Is the short-term enjoyment worth the long-term damage?

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If not, I challenge you to stop watching it…even if you are three seasons in. Even if it’s hard, the Lord will bless your obedience to His word:

I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me. Psalm 101:3 (KJV)

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There're many great tv shows, but many include unbridled cussing, sex, & gore. What's too much? How do you decide if it's time to quit a TV show you're watching?

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