America is not the country I grew up in. It's changed and not for the better in some key areas. But are Christians supposed to flee from the coming wrath yet?

America Has Gone Crazy, Should I Move?

Lately, I’ve been following The Activist Mommy.

Homeschoool mom of 10 kids and political activist, Elizabeth Johnson gives a harrowing picture of our current world.

  • Did you know Netflix has a movie with a child porn scene?
  • Did you know that a male criminal told police he identified as a woman; therefore, he should be put in a female prison only to sexually attack four women?
  • Or that Teen Vogue is continually promoting legit witch craft, has illustrations on how to have anal sex and told Billy Graham to “have fun in hell?”
  • The absolute worst was the kindergarten teacher who hosted a coming out party for a 5-year-old boy at school. Needless to say, there were a few very scarred little kids.

Seriously, our world is gone done broke itself.

So, is it time to move out of the country yet?

It’s a conversation my husband and I have often.

But despite all the insanity (and it is sheer insanity), people still need Jesus. Now more than ever.

So, no. It’s not time to leave…yet.

It’s a time to hunker down and do what we’ve been called to do.

What’s Our Response as Christians?

When I was a child, my dad would watch the news every night.

I would ask him to explain what was happening.

I would then ask, “How do we fix this issue?”

We would then explore all the options. But only ONE option was the clear winner:

You cannot fix the world at large, you can only share the message of Jesus ONE PERSON AT A TIME.

It’s a simple thing, but hard to implement.

When is the last time you shared the gospel?

Or moreover, when is the last time you even talked to someone that wasn’t already a Christian?

In order to share the gospel with this broken-down world, we have to go where the broken people are.

In Raising the Dead, author and doctor Chauncey Crandall realized that often times faith-healers (especially those with cameras) tended to focus on the less-broken people in the first few rows of the church.

But not Chauncey. He knew that he had to go where the really ugly broken people were. The ones that no one wanted on camera. And it was there where God really intervened.

We have to remember that Jesus came NOT for the healthy, but for the sick.

The more sick they are, the more acute their need for a Savior can be felt.

But Jesus DID NOT command us to say “come” to the unbeliever but He commanded us to GO ourselves into the world.

Often, pretty sinners don’t think they need Jesus. Jesus struggled the most trying to convert them (aka Pharisees).

It’s the ugly sinners…the really bad ones that were the most receptive to the gospel message.

It might feel like those “really bad ones” who promote their sins as good aren’t open to the message of Jesus. And as a whole, they aren’t. But on the individual level it’s different.

Among the crowd of loud and raunchy sinners, there is ONE PERSON who isn’t really feeling it. They might be putting on the facade of being okay…but they are not.

And that’s who we need to find.

But it’s not easy, the proverbial needle in a haystack.

What Not To Do as a Christian

Recently in Austin, false prophet Jen Hatmaker and Sara Cunningham went out to the local pride parade to give out “free mom hugs” under the banner of the church (which we know isn’t the real church at all).

While I understand the sentiment of loving on some broken people who might have some seriously deep wounds from being excommunicated from their own families, Jen’s message isn’t one of “Jesus loves you but he requires repentance” but rather it’s a message of gay is okay. In fact, she goes as far to call being in a committed gay relationship “holy.”

As Christians, we do NOT have to affirm someone’s sin or make them feel accepted.

That is NOT love…even though people want to say it is.

Telling someone that their sins is totally fine with God, is like saying “sure…keep running as fast as you can that way” when you know there is a deep chasm “that way.”

A few months ago, I was sitting among a group of four Christian bloggers when one of them revealed they were a transgendered woman.

I was in shock!

But honestly, what shocked me most wasn’t the transgendered woman, but the Christian lady in front of me who quickly went out of her way to make sure the transgendered woman felt accepted as she back-peddled the Word of God.

“I’ve been changing my line of thinking on that…” she started. “I see now how God’s totally cool with it.”

I wanted to knock her upside the head and say, “Is that all it takes for you to rip out the heart of your convictions?”

It’s Your Move

It’s time we stop THINKING about sharing the gospel with people and actually start DOING it!

We need to move out of our comfort zones. Meet new people. Find places that broken people hang out.

I know it’s not easy…but powerful actions rarely are.

It’s time to STOP the excuses of

  • “But I need to…”
  • “I can’t because…”
  • “The Lord hasn’t called me to…”

Because: No, You Don’t

(Jesus told the man to follow him, the man said “but I need to bury my father” and Jesus said “let the dead bury their own).

Because: Yes, You Can

(Jesus left us a helper with the promise we’d do more powerful works than Jesus…despite their circumstances)

Because: Yes, He Has

(Jesus called all of his followers to GO not just those who “felt” called. That’s a lie from the Devil.)

What I’ve Been Working On

As recently as Friday night, I’ve been working on scouting out local bars and pubs to evangelize at.

I’m not going to just stand on a street corner and share “the good person test”. My husband’s friend, Nathan, does it that way. He’s amazing at it. But it’s not my style (there are more than one style of evangelism…more on that later).

But a few weeks ago I prayed for the Lord to open my eyes to what I had to offer.

He showed me that I have a big white van with lots of seats.

I prayed for the Lord to show me what free time I had to offer.

He revealed that I have free time after the children go to bed.

With His guidance, I put together an idea for getting some other Christians to partner with me to become an occasional designated driver (with no fee or tips accepted) who could drive home ladies that have had too much to drink.

None of the details are ironed out yet. It’s just in a dreaming phase. But Friday night I went on a walk with my husband to look at the area. We realized that there wasn’t one bar in the area I felt drawn to, but four!

I was also recently told there in another person in the area doing this, so I’m praying that the Lord brings us together…because I could use the advice and I’d rather work with someone who has already ironed out some of the kinks…no need to start another endeavor completely.

So, be in prayer for me in that.

Maybe it’ll never happen, but maybe it will. Only time will tell.

What’s Your Dream?

Do you have a desire to share the gospel and a dream on how to do it but don’t know where to start?

Comment and tell me about it!

Do you not want to share the gospel but know you need a heart change?

Hit comment and I’ll pray for you (and don’t feel bad…this used to be how I felt!).

You can do this gospel-sharing business…and I want to help you find your gospel-sharing groove thing. Whatever it looks like.

America is not the country I grew up in. It's changed and not for the better in some key areas. But are Christians supposed to flee from the coming wrath yet?


  • Cristina

    Hello there! About your message of the importance of sharing the gospel, I’m really aware of it, however I can’t achieve it in the practice: I’ve been feeling anxious for not being brave enough to share the gospel to the people around, me who still don’t know Jesus. I really want to, but at times, I don’t feel confidence, I don’t know how to begin, or …I can’t think of clever ideas to do it. Could you give me some advise? Also, this article has been of great help for me, it has given me more assurance (I’ll pray for that nice project), thanks a lot, God bless you!

  • Tracy

    I’m in the Austin area too! I have a big van also! I have daydreamed about “something” to do at the Rick’s Cabaret near me…but what.

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