Do your kids love legos? Should you buy the Brick Bible? See what people are saying about it!
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A Mom’s Review of The Brick Bible

UPDATED: Check out my more recent post about a NEW brick-based Bible here!

Are you wondering if you should go ahead and buy The Brick Bible (aka the Lego Bible, although technically it is NOT associated with the Lego Trademark)?

I have gone through over 150* reviews to give you a “rounded” idea of the controversy surrounding this Bible, the positive reviews, and the legitimate complaints.

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If you don’t read anything else understand the main takeaway from reviewers is that this Bible wasn’t NOT intended for Young children.

Two of my daughters got baptized recently and I wanted to buy them a gift. I was super excited to see “The Brick Bible” at my local Barnes & Nobles. My seven year old LOVES to read comics. And unlike my usually cheap-o self, I didn’t wait to buy The Brick Bible on If I had, I may not have because the reviews are completely polarized. People either love it or hate it.

Reading reviews can be overwhelming. Because I’m a Christian (if you didn’t get that by the name of my blog already), I’ve taken out the ones that have an obvious atheistic bias, as well as the ones that “love” the Bible but obviously didn’t really look into the content.

Below, I’ve included snapshots of actual photos of the Bible under the complaints/praise.

If you want to see children’s books with ACTUAL scriptures in a more positive light, click here.

I readily admit a bias toward my faith. You might like to know that:

  • I believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. There is no companion or substitute.
  • I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, three days later he rose again and will come back.
  • I believe in the Trinity.
  • I believe that Jesus is Lord and the ONLY way to heaven.
  • I believe in repentance and the free gift of salvation.


People who reviewed The Brick Bible said:


It introduces tough subjects for engaging conversations

Jesus came to bring a sword.
One of the most important idea that is commonly overlooked in the Bible is that Jesus did NOT come to bring peace, but a sword. This would be an interesting topic to discuss with older kids, teens or adults.


Gets Kids Interested in Bible

Revelations in The Brick Bible.
About half of the New Testament portion of The Brick Bible is spent depicting the image-rich Book of Revelations. It is interesting to see the crazy images in Lego form. This would definitely get kids interested in what God says is going to happen in the end times.


They will Keep For later, but NOT For a child’s first understanding of the Bible

Virgin Check in The Brick Bible
Probably one of the most upsetting scenes in The Brick Bible is this one where the soldiers are “checking for virginity.” Though this scene IS Biblically accurate, many reviewers comment that Brendan Powell Smith’s website is filled with images that the publisher left out because they were too sexualized. (This link is DIFFERENT from the Brick Bible website above) I went to his website and couldn’t find these images, so they may have once existed or they might still be there.


Great art, most stories accurate, but missing the heart of Jesus

Always hearing, but never understanding.
Always hearing, but never understanding. As an atheist, he has missed so much opportunity to portray the heart of Jesus in his attempt at recreating the Bible with “bricks” (aka legos).


Author is atheist

This is probably one of the biggest issues (aside from some Biblical inaccuracy) that most negative reviews have.

Aside from his (lack of) faith, he DID spend 10 years on this Bible. He is extremely talented and committed to his work. I suggest you watch his promo video below because he’s still an amazing human being that God loves. We should pray for his salvation. (See website here:


The brick bible is a Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse of The Brick Bible.
This is one of the BIGGEST problems of The Brick Bible. I did not read all of it, but we spotted this inaccuracy. Jesus wasn’t ministered to by angels until AFTER the 40 days and Satan’s temptation. This error attacks the importance of Jesus’ fast, temptation and deity.


There is too much SEX and GRAPHIC IMAGES

Adultery in The Brick Bible
In the section about the 10 Commandments: Thou shalt not commit adultery followed by the consequence of adultery according to the Old Testament.


Birth scene in The Brick Bible
Birth scene in The Brick Bible in the section about the demons having intercourse with “daughter’s of men.” Brendan Powell Smith is accused by reviewers of picking the most atrocious scenes in the Bible to illustrate.


Concubine cut into 12 pieces
Concubine cut into 12 pieces. Intense imagery even if it’s a true story.


Entrails spilled out of Lego Man
Entrails spilled out of Lego Man. Kinda gross, but not worse than TV shows many kids watch.


Lego man pinching butt in act of lust
Lego man pinching butt in act of lust. This is the section about “cutting your hand off if it causes you to sin.” Many reviewers accuse Brendan Powell Smith of spending a disproportionate amount of time on this concept.


God is always pictured as having an Angry Face


Angry God Face in The Brick Bible.
Reviewers accuse The Brick Bible of always portraying God’s face as “angry.”




We all have different ways we like to parent. Whether you get this Bible or not, I think the biggest takeaway is that we always need to be looking at what our kids are reading. Kids need our guidance and involvement in their lives.


Other Options are:

Good & Evil

We own this comic book style Bible. Click image below to view on (affiliate link):


The Action Bible

We don’t own this comic book style Bible. Click image below to view on (affiliate link):


Update: Someone suggested this “Brick” DVD she found at a homeschooling conference that is produced by a family. (Click image to go to their website)

 Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled



  • Timothy Adams

    My daughter loves The Brick Bible so much that, despite my concerns about its unnecessary inclusion of violent Biblical material, I was going to buy her more of them.

    After seeing the images in these reviews, and reading the author’s angle, I won’t be.

    I don’t think the author is using these books as a “trojan horse” to trick people or ruin the Bible for kids. I think the author is just trying to explore or present a certain perspective. Neither for nor against.

    Thank you for helping us become informed consumers.

  • Jennifer Jennings

    Thank you for this thorough review! I had just purchased this “bible” from our local bookstore in the children’s section. I was so excited that I had (thought) I’d found something that would excite my 5 year newphew and help him learn more about our faith. I decided to read reviews and am sooooo glad I did and only wish I had thought to investigate my seemingly good natured find before spending $30 on it only to now have to return. I’m am still confused why this was on the shelf with other young children’s bibles and Christian books. Thinking I may have to inform the bookstore of the books maturity when I return it.
    Thank you again for your review.
    Very helpful and am scared what the reaction would have been for my sweet newphew and his family had I not come across your review!

    Blessings to you,


  • Joey C.

    “The brick bible is a trojan house.”
    The angels ministering to him is actually accurate:
    Matthew 4:11 clearly say, “When the devil left him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to him”

    “God is always pictured as having an angry face”
    It does not bother me that God is pictured at vengeful, wrathful, jealous. Our bible clearly talks of the wrath of God. I think too many Christians nowadays focus so much on God’s love that they forget He is first and foremost Holy. His holiness demands our holiness and righteousness. If all we talk/preach/teach about is that God is loving, then we are misrepresenting the very character of God.

    While i do use some of the Brick testament illustrations in my youth sermons, I am careful to make sure that what is being presented is with as few liberties.

    Under other bible suggestions, I would put the Jesus Storybook Bible at the top of the list. It’s simple and I believe it conveys the deeper meaning in the OT passages, since it’s focus is on the coming Christ.

    another thing to note is that Brendan powell smith is not only an athiest, but s/he is also transgendered, and goes by Elbe Spurling.

  • Trent

    Elaine, I noticed a number of tmies in the Brick Bible where the author appeared to intentionally leave out key information in order to misrepresent biblical stories as self contradictory. I realized the author was an atheist simply by reading the book.

  • Eka

    I was going to order this book, that I came across your website, Thank u so much for the reviews. I’ve decided not to buy it. God bless and greetings from indonesia

  • Lucinda Weeks

    I unknowingly bought used copies of the Brick bible thinking that they were Christ glorifying versions of the bible geared to teach young readers about Jesus and the bible. Praise the Lord I discovered the sad truth about these Brick Bibles and their distortion of Gods Holy word when I did. These books will not be going to my precious grand daughters ages 2 and 7 as they were originally intended. The website I bought them from gave no warning that these books were blasphemous distortions of Gods precious word.

  • Natalie Busch

    You are very kind and MUCH more calm than I would be if I purchased that for my children without warning. I would not only be outraged with the product itself, but even Barnes and Noble for not having some OBVIOUS indicator of who it would be intended for. That is a ridiculous deceptive trap! It reminds me of the “Evil Stick” toy that went viral recently. It was a fairy wand marketed toward children (ages 3 +), but when it lit up it played creepy music and showed a picture of a girl slitting her wrist. Disgusting. The enemy is after our children.

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