With the birth of our daughter, we were completely overwhelmed by the huge feeling of responsibility that suddenly took hold of us. Not only to keep this tiny little newborn alive and safe, but also the realization of her purity and innocence. It was our responsibility to lead her, teach her and provide opportunities for her to grow into the woman she was meant to be.

Now, nine years down the line, we’ve learned that this is not an easy task. In fact, raising children is more of a battle than a task. Because there’s always someone else who is out to lead, teach and provide opportunities for her to not grow into the woman she was meant to be.

We had to take action in providing a Christ-centered home for her to grow up in. Some of the steps we took may seem rather radical (and I’ve left them for last). But we don’t want to be lukewarm for Jesus and we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in our actions.


7 Ways to Create a Christ-Centered Home

1) Family Bible study time

We do not go to bed without having family Bible study time. One or two verses per night are more than enough to spark some interesting conversation and teach life changing truths. It was during one of these sessions that our daughter hinted her readiness to accept Jesus into her heart as Lord and Savior. We took the cue from the Holy Spirit and led her into being born again. Our family Bible study time created an opportunity for this crucial event to take place.

2) Heavenly music

We love Christian music. We actually have a noticeable selection of Christian music. It’s amazing. As this music fills the house, so does the presence of God. And, it just makes daily chores more bearable if they can be done while worshipping. Secular music do have a place in our collection, but only a selected few and to be honest, they gather a whole lot of dust.

3) TV free suppers

Supper times are shared together as a family and TV is not invited. Leaving on the television tends to squelch dinner conversations. This has been quite a struggle, because TV became an aid in calming down a busy toddler just enough to get some food down! Unfortunately this easy way out became a very hard habit to break. But I can proudly say that we’ve had TV free suppers for the past four years now. We’ve had some very important chats around the table that we would not have had at any other time. We’ve also instilled the habit to always say grace at every meal.

4) Our Sunday commitment

Sundays are holy. For us, there is no compromising on going to church. We once overslept and only woke up half an hour before church starts. But we still went and, for the record, we’ve made it on time! You won’t stay away from work if you’ve overslept and you will have to be really sick before taking the day off. Why not have the same commitment when it comes to attending church? Sure, there are days when we really can’t go, like when we’re on holiday somewhere. But then we will either watch our church service online or have our own little “church service” between the three of us. Secondly, Sundays are for resting and spending time with family and friends. Believe me, it’s nice to have a valid reason for not working!

5) Early morning devotions

No, I’m not a morning person! It takes real effort and a few cups of coffee for me to have early morning devotions. But it’s so worth it. These are the times in which God speaks to me. These early morning prayers are the prayers that move mountains. It is of vital importance to have your own special time with God. Jesus must be the center of your life before He can become the center of your home.

6) A clean house

We try to keep our house as clean and tidy as possible, because it’s good for your soul to be surrounded by order. This includes getting rid of any abominable things. What on earth am I talking about? Well, we now get to the radical stuff I’ve mentioned earlier on in this post. Please take the time to read Deuteronomy 7:26.

There are those who believe that fortune telling and horoscopes are harmless fun, but what does the Bible say? How about fairies or anything else that uses magic or is linked to magic in any way? How about vampires, ghosts, witches and zombies? How about symbols or idols from other religions? According to Leviticus 19:26, 26:1 and Deuteronomy 18:9-14 these are all abominable things to God. We do not allow toys, posters, ornaments, books, paintings or anything that can be linked to these abominable things in our house.

7) Ruthlessly judging Movies/TV

Let’s cut straight to the point. Our family has destroyed all movies we owned containing any magic, blasphemy or behavior that goes against the Word. Not easy. How many animation movies can you name that contain no magic? And, some really good, beautiful favorites are amongst the biggest culprits. The enemy likes dressing evil up. But, before you feel sorry for the poor kid, guess what, almost all of these movies were pointed out by our daughter. And, we’ve managed to replace them all with good, clean movies. Yes, they do exist.

Final Tips

So there you have it. Just seven of the main steps we’ve taken to create a Christ-centered home. It’s a way of living I guess.

My final tips are these: leading by example and praying, praying, praying.

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