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Whether you celebrate Halloween or not as a Christian, you have to admit there are MANY families out there who do! You can turn all your lights off and put out a sign that says ‘We don’t celebrate Halloween!” (which is fine by me as well) or you could take the opportunity to share the pumpkin gospel with the children in your neighborhood.

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Getting the gospel into the hands of people is rarely as easy as it is on this particular holiday!

A long time ago, Jews used to give their children a drop of honey while sharing God’s word to signify that God’s word was just as sweet as the honey they consumed.

With that in mind, I’ve designed a VERY simplistic way to share the gospel (an eternal sweetness) with those sweet kiddos that come looking for a temporary sweet. Don’t forget to attach the temporary sweet to this gospel tract. The currency of childhood is candy, a language they understand well.

It’s a one-page download that can easily be printed in black and white (even though it’s in color) on a regular 8.5×11 sheet of white paper. No need to get all fancy. Keep it simple. And share the Good News!

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Also, don’t forget to share the real truth of Christ through this amazing Halloween book to your own kids! It’s by Liz Curtis Higgs (who write AMAZING Christian women’s fiction!)

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