A Poem for Mother’s Day


I love little feet running down the hall,
I love little voices when my name they call,

It’s easy to spurn these tiny advances,
But when we do we lose our chances,

At sweet little moments snuggling with our own,
When we are too busy talking on the phone,

Little eyes look upward at the one they adore,
“Mom, can I paint?” when it’s already all over the floor,

It’s easy to get frustrated when duty comes to call,
It’s easy to groan when you hear a thud…then a cry…signifying a fall,

But let us take up our banner and not begrudge too much,
Let us come running with a smile and a loving touch,

For these days one day will end,
If we do well, our children will become our dearest friends,

And there will be no more fingers under the bathroom door,
No more toys (or vomit) strewn across the floor,

The dishes will all be done,
All pre-teen tantrums will be won,

And we will look back longingly at those days when they were small,
Missing the sound of little feet running down the hall.

-Elaine Mingus

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Elaine Mingus

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