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I have a beautiful homeschool room. It’s like…super decked out.

We have desks, a computer, organizational bins, and books. Tons of books. We have all the homeschool room toys that actually are useful. We even have a whiteboard!

Why were we not using our homeschool room?

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My homeschool room was perfect, but they were not using our homeschool room.

Sure the kids play in there, sometimes they do their art in their, and occasionally we did school in there. And we do school every weekday.

So, why do we opt for the bed or the couch…or even the trampoline to complete our homeschool assignments?

For a while, I let it slide. I’ve been pregnant and the bed/couch options seemed more comfortable for my big belly. But now that I’m not pregnant, I decided I knew exactly what the culprit to our homeschool problems.

It boils down to this:

No amount of organization or fun activities can boost a room with poor lighting.

It’s so simple. Lighting. We need bright elementary school lighting.

Us humans, we need to see (imagine that!). Brilliant lighting creates an environment to explore, discover and create.

I had a beautiful hanging fan on our vaulted homeschool room ceiling that just wasn’t cutting it. (It was installed before we bought the house, so we just left it there when we converted the room to a school room).

I knew the light I was planning on purchasing wasn’t going to be the most decorative thing in the world…definitely not Southern Living Magazine worthy, but it was going to be so much more practical.

And after purchasing the White Ceiling Fluorescent Light, I couldn’t be happier.

(I bought mine at Lowes, but you can get one similar at

It’s been months, and I cannot tell you how much more we use that room.

Now our homeschool room is a ‘go-to’ room, instead of an ‘avoid-it’ room. All because of lighting.

I also recommend Day Light bulbs. I know that aren’t as soothing as those yellowy soft white ones…but seriously, it’s soooo worth the difference.

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