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(PS…sorry for shaking video. My computer was sitting on the bed so every time I moved it shook!)

Just a short video post about tying a tichel and a few different tichels I’ve been wearing lately. I don’t always wear a tichel, but I really like how feminine they look (and they make use of multiple scarf colors and textures which is fun!)

I made this video in response to a fellow cover in a Facebook group I am apart of, but she only showed how to tie a tichel with short hair. I have super long hair so I wanted to show what to do with all that hair AND share my favorite tips!

Two of my favorite tips are in this video:

  • Using an old baby hospital receiving blanket as the ‘base’ to prevent sliding. (aka Gripper)
  • Making a sock bun to give yourself more volume. (aka Volumizer)

Why do I like these so much?

Uh…because they save $$$, that’s why. One day I’ll get a velvet gripper or a volumizer from…but until then this works wonderfully.

Win 20150505 104516 8022523 Tichelbw 4545338 Tichelbw 4545338

Tichel 1169606

Win 20150427 1006371 3819858

Oh…wait. That’s not a headcovering…or is it?

Ticheltyingvideotips Pin 8585473

Ticheltyingvideotips Ig 8016429


Elaine Mingus

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