Do you struggle with being modest while working out? As Christian women, we know we are called to be modest but how are we supposed to do that at the gym?
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How to Be Modest While Working Out

Do you struggle with being modest while working out?

As Christian women, we know we are called to be modest but how on earth are we supposed to be modest at the gym?

We’ve all seen the pictures. You know, the ones of the super hot girl in the sports bra and shorty shorts with the 6-packs abs, super toned thighs, and booty you could bounce a quarter off of? Yeah, you know it.

We are sold this image so much by society that we have started to think of this as normal, acceptable even.

Not Ashamed, but Protective

Here’s the thing though (prepare the torches and pitch forks)…It isn’t OK (hear me out before you decide my fingers should be cut off for typing that.)

I’m not saying we should be ashamed of our bodies by any means. I’m just saying we need to honor God with our clothing choices as we honor Him with our bodies.

Modesty is such a gray area anyway but for the purpose of simplicity, I ask myself this question. “Does what I’m wearing draw attention to my body?”

If the answer is yes, it’s not modest and we know we are supposed to be modest.

Not Responsible, But Accountable

It’s tempting to show off all that hard work. I get it. But we have to be careful ladies. We are warned against being stumbling blocks to men.

I know we are told that men shouldn’t gawk and they should be taught we are more than bodies, but here’s the thing; they really are made that way. God really did make them visual creatures. If we go flaunting our hotness, God does hold us accountable for that.

Not Outward, But Inward

Now don’t go hating on the men folk, but instead as yourself this question “Do I want to be known for my outward beauty or my inner beauty?” It’s so tempting to have that if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it mind set and be proud but I really don’t want to be known for my body. There was a time when I did, but not anymore.

Now, I seek to honor God with my body. That’s the purpose of my fitness journey. That also includes what I put on it.

How I stay modest at the gym on without buying special clothes

Ladies, being modest at the gym doesn’t require special clothes. You don’t have to go out and buy a new workout wardrobe and spend a small fortune. Just wear a baggy tshirt and pants!!! It really is that simple.

I used to wear tight clothes and even though I’ve never worn just a sports bra, I still wasn’t leaving very much to the imagination. I became very convicted about this. I am still on my fitness journey and have a long way to go but I still got some looks. After I read a post about modesty on Facebook, I realized I was in the wrong. I had to rectify this but I couldn’t just go out and buy new clothes.

What was I supposed to do?

Duh!! Cover up!!

Enter baggy t-shirts that cover my booty and the tops of my thighs.

I feel more at ease at the gym knowing I can get my fitness on without drawing attention to any parts of me only my husband and doctor should see.

It’s liberating to draw attention AWAY from our bodies. It’s freeing to not be scrutinized. It doesn’t feel good to be objectified but so often, we set ourselves up to be.

So ladies, just remember that outward beauty fades but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised.

I know you’re gorgeous and you know you’re gorgeous but save all that hotness for your hubby 😉

Do you struggle with being modest while working out? As Christian women, we know we are called to be modest but how are we supposed to do that at the gym?


  • Olivia

    To continue . . .

    But, even in the horrible circumstance of rape, a woman flaunting her body and hanging out with strangers at a party, IS putting herself in a much more vulnerable situation. That does NOT mean she is responsible for being raped; but, it does mean that girls should be wise and not do the things that could potentially lead to that kind of terrible abuse.

    There are other circumstances where obviously that doesn’t even apply to the girl who was raped.

    It’s simply a wise and important thing to be and dress modest and it could be a precaution against such circumstances.

    But more importantly, clothing/style is an outward expression of our hearts. And so we want our clothes to show that we love and honor Jesus, and we want to serve others. We don’t want to communicate that we’re hoping for attention and approval from people, or that we want to be seen and loved for our outward beauty.

    I hope that was helpful.
    God bless you(:

  • Olivia


    No, just as it is not a directly a woman’s fault if a man chooses to lust after her.

    I believe Heather’s intent was to express that we (Christian woman) need to take responsibility/accountability and be willing to acknowledge that if we are dressing immodestly, (especially if we do so knowigly) we are making it harder on our fellow brother’s in Christ; and instead we should love and honor them (as well as other christian *woman* looking to our example) by seeking to dress and live modestly.

    BUT more importantly, dressing and living modestly should be done out of love for God,— and a desire to honor God—not simply for the sake of others, but first for our Heavenly Father; because we show our love for Him by following His commandments and seeking to follow His will, above our own.

    With all that said, a man must take responsibility for his wrongs(and will be judged by God for them), whether that sin is lust, or rape, or anything.
    Heather is simply trying to encourage her sisters in Christ do their part, to follow God in the ways they can; she is not telling them that it’s their fault if men lust.

  • Nate Richardson

    Amazing article thank you for standing up for Christian principles! This is very attractive! I’ll definitely save this article to use your kind but straightforward logic to teach my friends and children about modesty.

    These are 3 of my best modesty articles I’ve put together recently:
    “The Modest-Sexy Continuum”
    “13 Steps for how to Lust Not: Disarming the Devil’s Lies about Sex with Doctrine”
    “Yoga Pants and ‘Freedom to do Whatever’ Debate”

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