I love the church, but sometimes without a swift kick in the pants, we Christians can start some annoying modern church trends that just need to be stopped.
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10 Annoying Modern Church Trends that Need to Stop

I love the church, but sometimes without a swift kick in the pants, we Christians can start some annoying modern church trends that just need to be stopped…or at least tempered with a little more wisdom and scripture reading.

10 Annoying Modern Church Trends

1. These Types of Sermons

  1. Boring Sermons
  2. Sermons that Rabbit Trail
  3. The Five Point Sermon…where point #1 takes an hour.
  4. Sermons that talk nothing of Christ

2. Contrived Emotion

Are you jumping up and down because you are full of the Spirit or pretending to be?

3. Cliques

It’s not high school people. Let the new girl in.

4. Money Spent on Frivolous Things

I’m all for new decorations if it’s been a while…but I’d rather see my money doing something else if your just redecorating every two years to keep up with trends.

5. Denominational Separatism

We are ONE body…stop touting that “such-and-such denomination” is better from the pulpit. We are ALL sinners, don’t deceive your congregation that somehow being of a certain sect is best.

6. Low Lighting

Dude, I’m falling asleep over here. There is a REASON school put in florescent lightning…it keeps us awake because what we are learning is important!

7. The One Man Show

Out of all the people sitting in the pews, is only ONE guy capable of giving a message to the congregation?

I’ll also put in this category “the exalted few”…you know the people that seem to get all the good jobs at church. Let some of us “lesser” folks join in and actually do something important for Jesus.

8. The Building Fund

Another church building…really? There are about 5 churches down a 1-mile stretch on any given street. Can’t you just use one of those half-empty ones?

9. Lack of Evangelism

Apparently, the American church is only good for warming pews.

If you are lacking in this area, check our Reinhard Bonnke.

10. Entertainment-driven Youth Ministry

You know what is great birth control…volunteering in the nursery. That’s what.

How To Recover the Church from Modern Church Trends

The church needs to get back to the basics. Preach the gospel and stop trying to impress the world.

We won’t get over these modern church trends in one fell-swoop but we can begin reconsidering how the church operates and compare it to the New Testament church.

Jesus preached on the hillsides, why aren’t we doing the same? This might solve our evangelism problem as well. Separating ourselves in a building every Sunday might be putting more than a physical barrier to a lost and dying world.

Children were among the crowds, why do we always need to keep them entertained?

If you need a building fund (though I might roll my eyes) because your church is growing, that’s fine…but consider going to more than one or two services. Yes, the pastor needs a break, but considering that most are getting a salary (not to mention a call from the Lord) to preach on Sundays, I’m sure we can ask him to spend a little less than half a day in the limelight ministering the word of God to the masses. And even more, might we consider adding another man to the pulpit to share the load?

Is this post a little negative?

Yes. Sure it is!

But let me ask this, is our Christianity so weak that it can’t stand a little criticism in order to serve the Lord better?

I’m okay with a little tough love for the sake of growing.

And honestly, namby-pamby Christianity and lets-not-piss-off-the-people is probably a HUGE part of the church’s problem.

What do you think? Leave your opinions in the comments.

I love the church, but sometimes without a swift kick in the pants, we Christians can start some annoying modern church trends that just need to be stopped.



  • trish

    This article is pretty straightforward and honest, as it should be. I love that. These are the problems that a lot of churches would have.

  • Connie from Master's Hand Collection

    I love this post! It’s so true. I joined my church because it is the opposite of this and we are very involved in the community. If we can’t get out there and share Jesus with the people who need Him the most, then why even have a church? Recently we did something pretty cool. Our music minister switched places with another local music minister. We were able to share a new way of worship between our two churches and it was a blessing to all of us. Thank you for a post that reminds me how we should act in church and in our community.

    • Elaine Mingus

      How cool that the music minister’s switched places! I’ve never heard of that ever before!

      We left a church we LOVED because it was too far away with so many small children. We floundered for years, but we finally found a church that we love and it’s always a process. But we are very happy where we landed! Though no church is exempt from these things at some point or another. 🙂

      PS. Love your site. Definitely check out my guest posting guidelines. Would love to have you guest post about signing. Both of my grandparents were deaf, so I grew up signing. My daughter has shown an interest and has “The Art of Signing” she loves. My aunt’s FIRST language was sign language (which is crazy) because both of her parents were deaf and they grew up isolated. She didn’t learn how to talk until she was 3! It’s that amazing.

      Thanks for commenting.

  • Kaitlyn Halverson

    You would love my church in marble falls then. it is the opposite of everything you described in this blog. Our pastor encourages everyone in the church involved in speaking from the word of God and actually one of the members is doing the sermon this week. You should come and teach 1 Corinthians 11 ! That would be so amazing. We also don’t send the kids to a nursery. They stay right here with us. They often go off and play with the toys though and it’s not a big deal if they get a little loud. Children are children after all lol. The pastors sermons are more like a congressional conversation.

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