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You know what I’ve noticed in a lot of Christian talks/podcasts/blogs…this hyperfocus on the whole idea of being who God created you to be. I’m PRO embracing yourself, flaws and all.

Obviously these blogs/speakers/podcasts don’t encourage sinfulness, but I wish I would hear this idea tempered with a focus on being more like Christ.

If we are focus on being Christ-like, then we will surely become more of the person God created us to be. I think our focus is off (ahem…again). It’s ME-focused instead of CHRIST-focused.

I understand where they are coming from. It’s a reaction from an older generation of church-goers that obsessed over looking like Jesus, rather than actually getting to the heart of it all. They focused on dress, speech and all the outward adornments that looked “Christian enough.”

Christians with tattoos, expressed unhappiness with motherhood or dressed/spoke in a way that wasn’t traditional weren’t “as spiritual” as those who were.

But the pendulum has swung far in the other direction. It’s hard to reprimand anyone for anything anymore, because “they are just being themselves” and Jesus “looks at the heart.”

While this is all truth, much of what Paul speaks about DOES concern outwards actions/appearance. There must be a balanced between a me-focused (as in who I was created to be in Christ) society and a society that hasn’t forsaken following Christ more than they are following what their hearts are telling them. Everything you do must align with scriptures, as well as the Spirit. The Spirit does not lead where the scriptures do not go, and the scriptures will confirm the moving of the Holy Spirit.

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