You have THE date to end all dates, but you put on your dress you think it might be a little too sexy. Here are some tips to making a sexy dress modest.
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How to Make a Sexy Dress More Modest

Okay, you have THE date to end all dates on Valentine’s Day, your birthday, New Year’s Eve or whatever, but you want to know how to make a sexy dress more modest.

You’ve scheduled your blow out and your mani/pedi.

(Or let’s be real you painted your own nails with your daughter’s glitter polish and shaved the woolly mammoth living on your legs).

You’ve called a sitter. Your man has made the reservations. (Well, hopefully.)

You put on your dress and look in the mirror, but you feel that familiar twinge of something telling you to make your sexy dress more modest.

How do you maintain modesty while still rocking your special day?

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How to Make a Sexy Dress More Modest

Off the Shoulders?

Let’s face it: shoulders are sexy. And there is something especially sexy about only one shoulder showing. If you have a off the shoulder dress you are trying to make more modest, perhaps add a wide strapped tank underneath. You’ll still get that off the shoulder look without looking like your dress/blouse is about to fall off and bare everything special that is underneath!


Strapless dresses can potentially draw attention away from your beautiful face (and personality) and refocus it on your bust (or lack thereof). If you want to keep your strapless dress more modest add a valero jacket to it!

Too Short?

She’s got legs and she knows how to move them. Did I just date myself with my reference to a 1980s commercial? Not only can an outfit that is too short be immodest, but it can also be uncomfortable to do normal things (like bending over to pick up something you dropped). Pair your too short dress with some opaque leggings. You can go bold or simple in the pattern choice.

Too Tight?

Is your Valentine’s Day ensemble fit like a glove? You can loosen up your look by adding a sheer duster jacket. Or make a sexy dress more modest with a blousy cardigan.

Low Cut?

Most of us don’t have Victoria Secret breasts that are perfectly symetrical. Low cut outfits aren’t only immodest but can also show off all our imperfections of our chest. If you find that the dress you have in mind shows off your cleavage, add a tank top underneath to conceal your ladies.

High Leg Slit?

Who doesn’t love a peek-a-boo slit? Me! Until the wind blows it all to high heaven and your derrier is peek-a-booing too! Tone down your slit with a few discretly placed safety pins OR make some small stiches down the path of the slit to keep it permanent.


Whether the outfit you are sporting has side, back or chest cutouts, often times these ‘holes’ can leave us feeling a bit too exposed. If you want to do something permanent, you can sew some fabric underneath. You don’t have to play it safe either. Use patterns that are bold and wild in those cutouts. It will keep the integrity of the outfit’s personality, while keep you modest. If you aren’t willing to make permanent changes where a tank/tube top underneath so that you get the coverage you seek without the fuss.


Backless dresses/shirts are beautiful…but honestly when it comes to bras that work with a backless dress you are not only showing a lot of skin, but you will be fighting the Great Fall of the Undergarments all evening. No fun. That’s if you actually decide to attempt wearing undergarments with a backless dress in the first place. And if you don’t, I hope it isn’t cold out!

You don’t have to completely loose the magic of the backless dress, you can add to it by sporting a sequined tube top to cover most of your back (and a normal bra), throw on a fancy jacket or silky shawl.

See Through?

Many dresses attempt at being conservative by adding sheer fabrics in lieu of full coverage fabrics, but oftentimes our chest, back or legs are still exposed. Depending on the elements being exposed, you might try adding a secondary layer underneath. Even if the secondary item is sheer, the double sheer factor can mask those precious areas of our bodies we’d rather not share.

Too ‘Look at Me’?

I live loud and dress loud. But some outfits can just scream ‘Look at Me!’ By opting to dress down an otherwise overzealous pattern or style you can still show your outrageous personality without drawing too much attention. I love to wear something super fancy, like sparkles, with rugged boots or a vintage tee shirt. Even a demin jacket can tone done an otherwise loud dress.

When To Throw in the Towel?

Sometimes a dress you LOVE just isn’t working. No matter how much you try to make it modest, you just know that it’s not redeemable. It’s too tight, too low cut and too short. You could:

a) wear it anyway with guilt sitting in your handbag

b) toss it and start from scratch

If you choose B (ps…that’s the right answer) get excited! It’s a blessing to make a sexy dress more modest and honor God with your body. I promise He shows up in unbelievable ways if you let yourself dream BIG and open yourself up to new styles.

When you choose to seek God’s will for your clothing, he won’t force you to become someone you are not. In fact, just the opposite will happen. You’ll find that the modest style you choose will actually enhance who you were created to be.

Last Minute Tips to Make a Sexy Dress More Modest:

Don’t dress modestly to please others.

Don’t dress only to please other people or ward off advances from men either, those two things are added benefits of modest dressing. Dressing modestly is about honoring God and recognizing the value of our bodies.

Find a Style YOU Love

Don’t choose to wear a certain style just because it’s what you think is appropriate or it’s what everyone else is wearing. Find a style that suits YOU. There is nothing worse than feeling like you hate what you are wearing. God made you unique. Dress like it.

Dressing Modestly is a Physical and Emotional Challenge

Sometimes dressing modestly can be stressful, please remember that you are free in Christ. If you make a mistake or ‘give in’ know that there is always next time.

Modesty is a Lifestyle

The verse I think works well for deciding what is modest and what is not is : “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.” If what you are wearing is permissible, but not beneficial, are you okay with the repercussions of that choice?

Remember that our character is determined not by one choice but an accumulation of choices.

If you choose modesty today, it will create a habit that will develop into a character trait.

Last Minute Confession:

I like what I look like in sexy clothes and sometimes I want to show that off too. It’s not an easy choice to be modest, especially in our culture. I’m in this with you.

You're going out, but when you look in the mirror you think your dress might be a little too sexy. Here are some tips to make a sexy dress more modest.


  • Carrie D

    This was helpful when looking for my wedding dress. I ended up adding short sleeves and altered the dress with lace to cover up the neckline. I think you can dress nice without flashing anything. Whatever happened to having mystery?

  • L

    Good ideas! Rethinking styling certain clothes now……(P.s. It’s actually “bolero” jacket, not “valero”.)

  • Victoria

    This was really helpful! I just bought a prom dress with a hazardously low backside, and want to make it more modest. Hopefully one of these tips will work out 🙂

  • Tina

    For me it’s hard to dress modestly because I have such a large chest size (42DD). And I wasn’t even aware it was a problem until recently. I always have bad memories of trying to be modest in high school, but not feeling like I could have my own style. Now I’m struggling with being modest for myself and God. I don’t even know how to do this!

  • Elisabeth

    Wow! I LOVE modesty and have a real passion for whole beauty. I’m so glad I found this! All too often I’m the weirdo in the group because I take honoring a perfect & jealous God very seriously and really want to live by His heart even at the cost of looking outdated or being too strict with myself. So I just wanted to let you know God has used this to encourage me to be kindly strong & keep sticking out for Him with my choices to put Him first, all in love. After all, if I cannot even dress for Him, how can I dare say I’d live & die for Him?

  • Karmin

    I’m naturally a modest dresser – perhaps bc I’ve had a large chest since high school – so I don’t really know why I read this post in it’s entirety. 😂 But I’m glad I did! My kids are scandalized by seeing a girl or lady in a bikini. I have to explain to them that she’s not doing anything wrong or illegal, but she’s making a decision that is immodest and is not one our family (or the Bible) supports. We sing “Be careful little eyes what you see…” I’ve never thought to pair it with this Bible verse, though. That’s so wise! “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.”

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