Sometimes we get mad at God. Such a good reminder on how to handle it!

What to Do When You Are Mad at God

My husband and I were have a conversation about faith. Repeat: about our faith.

My daughter walked into the bathroom, which prompted me to use her name in a hypothetical example to explain my point to my husband. (BIG MISTAKE)

Enter drama.

She starts crying.

“You are talking about me!”

She storms out.

What? Huh? What? She obviously didn’t understand. But it got me to thinking about how I do this very same thing.

How many times do we accuse God before we even understand his point or purpose?

We assume that everything is about US! Why are you doing this to ME? Don’t you love ME? Don’t you see ME suffering? ME, ME ME!!!

We make the same accusing statements against God

So many times we are like Job, accusing God and pleading our own innocence. Allowing ourselves to be mad at and offended by God.

In this we forget his sovereignty. Does he need to answer to us?

As parents, what is the common response to our children when they ask why?

BECAUSE I SAID SO! End of Story.

Because my daughter came in mid-conversation, she had no clue what we were discussing. Like her, we also have been born in the middle of God’s “conversation”. We don’t get it because we were not there when he planned the world and laid out his blueprints.

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Let us trust that when he does something that doesn’t make sense to us, that it may not be about us. It may be about something so much bigger.

Trusting Him and His plans will help defer our anger at God.

If you are Offended by God:

  1. Pray & Tell God: He’s a “big boy”…He can handle your emotions.
  2. Read Your Bible: meditate on scriptures that remind you that He is FOR you and not against you!
  3. Confess: Tell someone else. Get it out in the open, maybe they can help you cope.

Sometimes we get mad at God. Such a good reminder on how to handle it!

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