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I started a workout program.

Oftentimes, people ask how do I manage life with six kids. My canned response is, “Jesus, coffee, and wine, and not necessarily in that order.”

But…since I’m breastfeeding and coffee dehydrates me (but don’t tell my sister I had 2-16 oz cups this morning) and wine isn’t good for the waistline…I am left with Jesus…which, of course, is the best thing!

I suffered from bulimia for 8 years as a teenager. I have been completely delivered since 2000, but each pregnancy has continued to set me free.

But like everyone else, I still struggle with eating healthy and exercising consistently. In the the beginning of each pregnancy, I don’t want to continue my normal workout routine because I’m nauseous.

Then, the second trimester…let’s just say YUM!

And by the third, I’m so big that I don’t want to even walk to the mailbox.

By the time you are on your sixth baby – your body doesn’t even try to keep any baby bump tightly wound. My tummy has seen better days!

I’m also pretty out of shape AND not eating good…I blame my Tex-Mex lovin’ husband…just sayin’.

My friend Corinna can testify to my poor eating habits. She sweetly offered to clean my dirty fridge when I was 9 months pregnant…it looked fabulous by the way (thanks Corinna). But she’s super health-guru girl…and after she cleaned to my horror I found not ONE but THREE energy drinks…sugar free no less in the fridge…WHEN I WAS PREGNANT…shame on me!

Don’t hate.

As you can see, I’m not the picture of health…and I needed something easy and doable with six kids.

I found Fit Yummy Mummy (the name always throws me off) via the groceryshrink.com. GroceryShrink.com is another woman who has six babies and feeds her family on $400/month (amazing!) – and it worked for her! I figured I’d give it a go…watch the YouTube video below for more details and my weekly review on this 16-week program.

If you like what you see, you can click the image below and start your own journey to fitness after baby!

Losing weight can happen…even after six kids!

Fit Yummy Mummy Review – Week 1 of 16

(Links to other videos below or click here for YouTube stream)

Postpartum Weightloss Week-by-Week YouTube Videos:

Week 1 – Losing Weight After Baby Begins!
Week1 1106853

Week 2 – Lull in Losing Weight After Baby…it’s okay!
Week2 9826163

Week 3 – Weightloss Program continues to payoff – 3.5 LBS lost so far!
Week3 6613130

Week 4 – You Win Some, You Lose Some
Week4 7682110

Week 5 – Losing Weight, but Losing Steam
Week5 8148561

Week 6 – My Beef (complaints)
Week6 8712496

Week 7 & 8 – I’m Stressed…Resting is Active

Week78 300x183 1265216

Week 9 – Recovery from Surgery, You can still lose weight without exercising

Week9 3765588

Week 10 – Making an Easy Smoothie when you are a busy mom

Week10 6621008

Week 11 – Moved My Elliptical to My Homeschool Room

Week11 6498551

Week 12 – Overall Feelings About Fit Yummy Mummy

Week12 4781958

Weeks 13, 14, 15 – Almost there! Remember to take your prenatals to ward off cravings!

Week13 15 3035771

Weeks 16 – Reward Thyself!

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