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I recently shared in an email that this summer kicked my butt. (If you don’t get my emails, sign up here.)

Everything broke. Our fridge. And our dishwasher. Then, our car. Like, all in the same week.

And just when we thought it was over, another big expense hit us out of the blue.

I know I’m not alone in this kind of “when it rains, it pours” theology.

My sister’s overhead garage door literally split in half (her husband had to hold it together to shimmy it down the track so it would close) the same week that BOTH of their cars were in the shop…this was right after their house had been struck by lightning..the third time.

My good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer after years and years of serious financial hardship and her husband’s near-death experience.

The list goes on and on.

And those are just the people in my REAL life.

In my online life, Kim Sourgis of son was diagnosed with brain cancer. This amazing woman of God has four children, whom she homeschools and supports by running her blog…but when you dig a little deeper you realize that she’s had two marriages – where BOTH husband’s left her for other women. OUCH.

Sometimes it can feel like God hands out blessings unfairly.

Those that have the most tender hearts toward Him get jipped the most.

When Life Kicks Your Butt there are really only two options:

  • stay down
  • get back up

I know. Not much glamour, is it?

But how can you get up when you don’t really feel like it? What could possibly motivate a person to get out of bed after a bad diagnosis, a husband leaving, a layoff or a loss?

Well…nothing but the Blood of Jesus…but besides that. What practical measures can we take to inspire us to put one foot in front of the other?

How to Overcome When Life Kicks Your Butt

1. Praise

I know it’s not what you want to hear. Don’t click off the page. Keep scrolling. Just hear me out.

My husband and I read a book called Power in Praise that suggested praising God for and in our hardship. This is exactly what the Bible commands us to do.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

2. Giving

When we least feel like giving is usually when it is the most useful to our souls. By giving we take the focus off ourselves and place it on someone else in need.

In Ann Voskamp’s book The Broken Way she says,

Empty, poured-out buckets are actually the fullest buckets.

There are so many ways to give of yourself. You can volunteer at your local nursing home, pray for those affected by natural disasters like the recent Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, or write a letter to your sponsored child.

(#GivingTuesday is November 29 if you want to donate directly to victims of Hurricane Matthew)

3. Fellowship

The number one thing that Satan would LOVE for God’s people to do is to isolate themselves from other believers during times of hardship because it leaves them vulnerable to depression and attack.

Surrounding yourself with friends and attending church (even if you feel like skipping) can take your mind off your stress and start the healing of your wounds.

Final Thoughts

For more encouragement, read these Encouraging Scriptures for the Overwhelmed Woman.

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