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Would You Like to Know 50 Habits of
First-Century Christians? 

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40 Outdoor Toys for a Large Family Present on Christmas

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As a family with seven children as of 2018, Christmas can be stressful. Financially, of course, but also just thinking about ALL THOSE NEW THINGS LAYING AROUND ON MY FLOOR ALL YEAR!!!

It’s enough to make a mama want to cry…again and again.

For the most part, our family has opted for purchasing a small gift for each child, then allocating most of our Christmas funds towards a large family Christmas present…usually one that forces them OUTSIDE!!!

Here are our top picks (many we already have or are getting this Christmas)!

40 Outdoor Toys for a Large Family Present on Christmas

Geometric Dome Climber Play Center

SkyCurve Platform Swing

Playtime Patio with Canopy

Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Rocker Seesaw

Cedar Sandbox with Two Bench Seats

Caterpillar Climbing Play Structure

4-To-Score Oversized Game

Swing Set with Trampoline & Large Disc Swing

Giant Building Blocks Mass Bricks, 86 Piece

Giant 40″ Saucer Tree Swing

Merry Go Round

Step2 Skyward Summit

Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride On

Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

Gonge Riverstones

Climbing Rope

Zip Line

Orb-It Spinning Ring

All Cedar Wood Playset

UFO Swing Set for 1 or 2 Children

Pop-up Play Tent Tunnel

All Cedar Wood Playhouse

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Spinner Swing

Tetherball Set

Skateboard Swing


Rope Swing

Pogo Stick

Tetherball Set

Playful Lookout Treehouse

Regatta Swing

Hanging Hammock

Complete Jungle Gym

Dodge Balls – Set of 6

Catch and Throw Game


Outdoor Boundary Net

Extra Long Tree Hanging Kit

Kid’s Picnic Table

For Christmas, our family purchases a small gift for each child, allocating the rest of our funds toward a large family present that forces them OUTSIDE!

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