Jesus Blogger Day 29 – It’s Been One of Those {Blogger} Days

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Youareenough 300x300 2233614 Maybe you are running off to work, or running the kids to school, or running to catch a toddler who refuses to put back on his diaper…when the blogging inspiration hits. You pull out your notepad (or iPhone) and jot a couple thoughts down in the few seconds before the stop light turns red (or find a red marker and a scrap of trash).

When the chaos of the day winds down you sit in front of your computer, pull out the notepad/iPhone/scrap and stare at the computer screen…and nothing. What you thought was going to be great stuff…just isn’t.

Or maybe you had an idea in the middle of the night and chose to roll over and go back to sleep…and now you can’t remember it.

Or maybe between dinner, soccer practice and that “thing” you promised you’d attend, you never had a chance to sit down and blog…and now it’s four months later and that Christmas holiday recipe doesn’t hold water in the summer. You cannot believe you’ve left your blog to collect dust.

Maybe you just don’t know if you want to do this blogger thing anymore because you just aren’t sure if it’s worth it. It’s been one of those {blogger} days…months…or even year.

Writer’s block, lost notes, or too many other responsibilities can make you feel like a blogger failure.

Maybe it has nothing to do with your blog. Maybe your marriage is in pieces, you just found our one of your kids is doing drugs (and you are a mommy-blogger), or you are having some major postpartum depression.

Maybe your life feels like a failure…YOU feel like a failure.

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You’re trying to keep up with your blog. You are trying to keep up with life, but it keeps swallowing you whole.

You are drowning.

You don’t feel like you have anything to offer the world anymore. You wonder, “Who am I to tell anyone how to do anything?”

The sad thing about today’s age, where everything can be Photoshopped, is that we forget to just BE. To be raw, to be real, to be human.

God has never expected us to be perfect. He never expected our journey as bloggers to be perfect.

As a blogger, I’ve yelled at my kids because I wanted to blog (as I’m writing a post about how to love you kids more). I’ve let responsibilities slide while posting a photo to Instagram that makes it “seem” like I’ve got it all together. I’ve spent time on Twitter when I should have been spending time in prayer and worship.


And I will continue to fail. Remember that Sarah Mclachlan album called Fumbling To Ecstasy? I always think about that title because I kinda think that’s how life goes. Fumbling our way through life until we get to heaven.

We are always trying to do our best, but we can’t quite seem to get it all done. We don’t feel “good enough.”

Bloggingtip Day29 665x1024 8628543 And the truth is, we will NEVER be good enough…but we are enough through Christ’s ONE good work on the cross.

His shed blood at Calvary fills in all the gaps inside of us. It fills in all the mistake we make as bloggers, it fills in all the typos on our blog, it fills in the space of every blog post we meant to write but didn’t.

It fills in everything. And not just on our blog. In our hearts.

I love the scripture that says that God is our front and rear guard. I like the see him as a general in command — guiding us up front and a giant street sweeper behind me — cleaning up my mess. Maybe that’s not the “right” way to view God, but it helps me. Because I’m trying hard to follow him. I’m trying hard to be a true #JesusBlogger…a follower of him in every area my life. But I’m always making mistakes. I’m always fumbling.

And like the poor widow, who had nothing but two pennies to give — our blogs, especially on those rough days, are a sacrificial offering to Jesus. A sweet aroma to our Savior.

Those days when you feel like you have nothing to offer the world…those days are your greatest blessing to Jesus. (Click to Tweet)

On your worst days as a blogger…you are enough because the Bible promises that through Jesus everything will be made right:

Every valley shall be exalted. And every mountain and hill brought low. The crooked places shall be made straight. And the rough places smooth. Isaiah 40:4

When it is your darkest hour, your blog will shine brighter because you have nothing left to offer but Jesus. And that is more than enough. (Click to Tweet)

That is beautiful.

Elaine Mingus

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