Jesus Blogger Day 25 – Blogger Etiquette: Not One Jot or Tittle

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She called me out for promoting my blog. Not any of the other bloggers on the Facebook page that had made the exact same error that I had. She called me out.

And I’m a better person for it.

I’m apart of a online blogging group for my area. Each week they provide a link-up for the blog posts. It is pinned at the top of the page so the posts don’t get lost in the shuffle. This thread helps keep the rest of the page free from promotional stuff and focused on the blogging community.

I had shared my current post with the group, but had forgotten the blogging etiquette for the group. I didn’t mean to. I simply forgot!

She was right for calling me out. I had blundered. She wasn’t mean about it, she was just informing me that I’d done something wrong in the blogosphere.

At first, I was embarrassed. Then, I was angry. But finally, I agreed with her. I needed to shaped up my game.

As a #JesusBlogger, we need to hold ourselves to a high standard online. Some blog rules are explicit. But some rules are unspoken. It can be a messy journey to figuring out where and when you can mention your blog.

Once upon a time, I did one of those multi-level marketing things. (I sold sex toys…yes, I was a Christian. Judge me if you must. OMGoodness…I cannot believe I just admitted that on my Jesus blog!)

But all of a sudden all of my friends became potential customers. I loved going to the parties and interacting with women, but I hated that everything I did seemed attached to “making a sale.” It can kind of get that way when running a blog.

As I mentioned before, money is tight in our large family. Doing without for a long time can erode the soul. It can elevate the importance of any chance at making money. When our blog makes money, we can be so devoted to the money-making aspect of blogging that we forget that our blogs are about creating a community so we can spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fame or notoriety can do this too. If you long to be well known, promoting your blog on Facebook or Twitter can become your sole focus. But we need to remember that the only reason God grants us popularity is so that we can point back at him and give him glory.

Bloggingtip Day25 665x1024 4766476 If we don’t follow blogger etiquette, we miss the mark when it comes to connecting with our audience and other bloggers for Christ.

Shameless (and constant) self-promotion can be detrimental to our blogs and to our Christian witness. I’ve fallen prey to this all too often.

Holly Homer, blogger at, says that two-thirds of her posts on Facebook are “shared” posts from other sites. She promotes other people MORE than she promotes herself. I want to be like that.

I know that I like to think that I’m the exception to every rule. Somehow rules don’t apply to me. It’s easy to think because I want to spread a message for Christ that I am “above” the laws of blogging etiquette because…c’mon…I am trying to save their souls from HELL. But actually I should pay MORE attention to them than anyone else!

Christ said that he didn’t come to undo the commandments of God, but to perfectly fulfill them.

We shouldn’t ignore blogging rules because we feel led to ignore them, we should uphold those rules because it glorifies Christ. (“Feel led”…Love Christianese, right? Check out Liz von Ehrenkrook’s blog on Christianese on her blog “So, I Married a Youth Pastor”.)

That’s why I love the WordPress plugin CommentLuv.  It rewards your readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. The goal is to encourage community and allows your other readers to discover new blogs. But what I really like is that it takes the pressure off. I no longer need to figure out a way to “fit” my blog into the comments in a non-spammy way. It frees me up to be a human again!

I like being a human and not a marketing machine, don’t you?

After my fellow blogger called me out, I immediately apologized and deleted my post. I reposted it in the correct place. Sometimes we have to follow the advice of C.S. Lewis who said:

A sum can be put right: but only by going back till you find the error and working it afresh from that point, never by simply going on.

 Following the rules isn’t always fun, but as Christians and bloggers it definitely is the narrow path we should follow!
Elaine Mingus

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