Jesus Blogger Day 2 – Are You Called?

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My grandma gave us her super low-mileage, but super old, 1994 Chevy Lumina about four years ago. It drives great, but it’s just old. To make matters worse, it had been sitting in her dusty barn for years!  Soon after we got it, the electronics started going bad. The window motors don’t always work. At one point we had to slide across from the passenger side door because the driver’s side door wouldn’t open. But we worked with it. After all, it was a free car, right?

But then the A/C died. The compressor conked out and we just didn’t have the money to fix it, especially since it was such an ancient car. It wasn’t summer yet when it happened, but we knew the 120 degree weather was coming!

Chevrolet Lumina 1 300x201 8597119

1994 Chevy Lumina – I’m guessing that we all have friends with horses that want to talk to us while we are driving?

Finally summer arrived and we still hadn’t gotten it fixed. Every day of that summer my husband walked into our house and stripped down to his boxers. Under the swirling ceiling fan, he would bask in the glory of air-conditioning.

Around the same time, something else with the vehicle failed, but instead of paying to fix the car the correct way, my husband talked the mechanic into rerouting some stuff which made the A/C completely inoperable forevermore. And when I say inoperable, I mean if you merely pushed the A/C button the engine would die. Even if you were already driving. Good times.

This past summer will make three Texas summers without A/C (and remember the windows don’t always roll down!). Poor guy.

It was this same car that I loaded my luggage into before driving to Galveston, Texas to attend Blog Elevated, a blogging conference. I was excited. One entire weekend without little people climbing on me and hanging out with people who loved to talk about my favorite subject — blogs! Since the car wasn’t on, I didn’t think twice about my little boy pushing buttons on the dashboard.

I kissed everyone goodbye and started to roll down the windows to shoo away the mosquitoes that had accumulated in the vehicle. (I hate mosquitoes!)

Then, all of a sudden I felt this breeze. It took me a moment to register what I was feeling. Air. From the vents!

What? What?

I pulled out of my driveway in complete awe. Just days before I was questioning whether or not I should stop blogging altogether. But here I was going to a blog conference in this rickety old car that shouldn’t be blowing anything but was producing this wonderful wind! Then I heard His voice. Still and soft say, “I know you doubt being a blogger, but I want this to be a sign that I am with you.”

I had never told anyone about my doubts about blogging. Only Jesus and I knew about them.

After the genealogy business about knowing your roots from Day 1 of Jesus Blogger, I am still looking at the first chapter in Matthew. We see that an angel appears to Joseph and tells him that he will have a son and they are to name him Immanuel — God with us. The same thing God told me!

I’m not going to copy/paste the story of how Mary was approached by an angel. I’m assuming you know it. But I am going to tackle how these verses correlates to your bloggy heart!

In these verses, we read how God called Mary to be the mother of Jesus. #awesome #betterherthanme. We know from the other gospels that she questioned the “how” of getting pregnant whilst being a virgin, but she didn’t doubt the calling nor did she refuse it.

But unlike Mary, oftentimes, we bloggers question our calling. (But let’s be real, most of us didn’t get an angelic visitation about becoming a blogger! So maybe this is normal.)

We doubt whether or not we are “good enough” to blog. Maybe you lack in photographic skills. You don’t know HTML/CSS/PHP (if you don’t recognize those acronyms it is safe to say you don’t know it). You never took a marketing class. Heck, maybe you just got a Facebook page today because someone told you that you needed it! And all this makes you wonder if you are really cut out for this blogging thing.

Let me let you in on a little secret. I know all of the above and much more and I still doubt myself!

I graduated with a BJ (that’s Bachelors of Journalism for you naughty snickering people!). I code like a ninja, use Photoshop like a BOSS and, to top it all off, my husband is a super-skilled videographer who uses the latest in video equipment on a daily basis. If anyone looked at my life they would say it is obvious that God has given me the skill set that is perfect for blogging. Even as I write the previous lines, I cannot believe how often those nagging thoughts of doubt infiltrate into my brain given my knowledge of writing, marketing, SEO, coding and graphic design.

Coolkids 300x300 2497837

I’m one of the cool kids…I promise

After returning from the blog conference, I talked to my friend, Corinna, who had been following my Instagram photos over that weekend. She told me that I looked like I was having a great time. And I was! But I admitted that even though I looked/felt like a rock star, sometimes I’ve been in big crowds where I really, really, really wanted to impress people but inside I felt like a little mouse. A sad, little, uncool mouse.

Here’s what was funny…she said, “Seriously? You feel that way too sometimes?”

To that I adamantly replied, “OHMYGOODNESS, YES! All. The. Time.”

But I know that doubting your calling is a surefire way to get off the track of God’s plans for your life. Repeat after me: No more doubt.

Now, here comes the BUT…

Are you sure you are called?

In 1 Corinthians 3:10-15, Jesus challenges us to make sure we are building on a sure foundation of Jesus Christ. If blogging isn’t something God has called you to do, all your work will be for nothing. And on judgement day, I personally want to lay my work at his feet and him blow his holy fire on it and it all remain. I don’t want to waste my effort on something that will be burned up at the end!

You have to get that knowledge that God is with you as a blogger! It is soooo important.

But sometimes it takes a while to really feel “called” to be a blogger. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t until this past blog conference that I really felt sure that God had called me to be a blogger…and I’ve been blogging since 2009!

Needless to say that after that day in the car, I’m convinced that I am not only called to be a wife, mother, and author, but also a blogger. And that is a good feeling.

Maybe you have struggled with being a blogger because you lack the skills, resources or support from those around you. Maybe you have all the skills, but like me you still find yourself wondering if this is exactly where you should put your time and energy. I am here to tell you that if you’ve set your heart before the Lord and asked him to guide you, you can rest assure that God will direct you in your desire to blog.

Today, ask him to show you that you are on the right track. He alone knows the answer. He alone can give you the reassurance you need!

If you find yourself continuing on to fulfill the calling of blogger, know that he is faithful to complete the work he has started in you. (1 Thess 5:24)

But if you find yourself thinking that it isn’t the calling or the season of your life for blogging, understand that only the things that begin in the supernatural have eternal significance. And don’t shed any tears because your time IS better spent elsewhere.

Elaine Mingus

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