Jesus Blogger Day 17 – The Secret to Creating Fresh Blog Content

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“They should have stopped filming four seasons ago. It’s too scripted now,” she said. My sister and I were talking about a well-known reality television show.

She was right.

Many reality TV shows start with interesting content. But after a while, the public’s thirst for more grows into a wild consuming beast, and the TV station starts throwing any food at the lions. Quality becomes an afterthought.

Here’s my (simplistic) timeline of a reality TV show:

Regular people (like us) are featured in a reality TV show. > The series makes them famous. > Advertisers want them to sell products. > This compromises what they really can afford and what they would really do. > The connection between them and us begins to disintegrate. > We become bored because they are just another cog in the media circus. > TV stations try to “bring back the heart” of the show in all the wrong ways. > Ratings drop. > Show is cancelled. > And another reality TV star bites the dust.

Blogs can suffer the same watered-down fate.

I am writing this in the middle of holiday season. Many bloggers will relate to the pressure to put out holiday-friendly content. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – just to name a few – are BIG in the blogosphere. Seasonal content scheduled in advance can maximize the impact of a certain post. It can be a fun and exciting time. But what happens, five years from now, when you are fed up with pumpkins before PSL’s even hit Starbucks? Do you churn out content for the sake of public consumption?

(PSL = Pumpkin Spice Latte)

Or what if you become so successful as a blogger that you find you can’t keep up with your offline life and your online life? Do you write uninspired posts just to keep up?

About a year ago, I was emailed a post from Heidi St. John of The Busy Mom called “The Illusion of Doing it All.” She admitted that her blog was becoming too much for her to bear alone and that she would be hiring writers to assist her.

I applaud that.

The Pressure to Perform

Bloggingtip Day17 665x1024 3140320 By nature, people are consumers. When it comes to media, people want fresh content. All the time. And if you are the “content-maker”…well, guess what? Go make some content for us!

It’s like my kids. If my sister walks into my house with a Route-44 Sonic drink, you can bet that my kids will swarm her like little vultures. “Can I have some, Aunt Natalie?” And if she lets one have a sip…she has to let them all have one. If she’s not careful, they will drink it until it is all gone and leave her nothing but the Styrofoam (and maybe not even that)!

She’s gotten wise to them. And we need to get wise too!

God reminds us to not be conformed to this world, but to renew our minds to HIS way so we know what HE wants.

Kim Keller, seasoned journalist and blogger at Roadkill Goldfish, said it perfectly:

God doesn’t want us to squeeze rotten lemons for someone else’s juice; He wants us to press fresh grapes for His wine.

Our blog content needs to be continually controlled by God. To cater to the incessant demands of the public will leave bloggers washed up, worn out and watered down. They will get bored with us, throw us into the Twittervoid and find someone who isn’t dancing to their tune…yet.

In order to create fresh blog content, you must refresh yourself in Christ.

I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. John 15:5

Elaine Mingus

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