Jesus Blogger Day 13 – What a Blogger Does In Secret

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Secret Will Be Shouted from the Rooftops

I’ve been waiting for this day. The day I could show my appreciation to a couple specific blogger for their patience and Christ-like love. And contrast it with the story of the “evil-mean blogger” that totally hurt my feelings on purpose. (I won’t mention her/his name, though).

A year ago, I wrote my first ebook. I’d been wanting to write a short book for first-time moms since baby #3. One that new moms could read while learning how to manage the chaos and joys that occur when you have your first child! By baby #6, I figured I was well-equipped to write one. (It only took me six tries to finally figure out what I was doing! Go me!)

Devotional 6444795 I wrote the 31-day devotional over the Christmas holiday. Edited it and published it by January 15. Since I’d recently gone to the Re:Write conference, I emailed one of the speakers, Crystal Paine of (This one of the biggest reasons to attend conferences — the networking!). I researched her site and knew that she promoted FREE ebooks on a certain day of the week. I reminded her that I’d met her at Re:Write and she emailed back that she’d be happy to showcase it. I was stoked. (Did I mention that I felt specifically led via prayer to email her? I emailed another blogger at the same time that I was not led to contact and she politely declined.)

She not only added it to her list of “Free eBooks” but it was at the top of the list, which meant the book cover was seen on the front page of her blog. I got over 2,000 downloads the first two days! I emailed her a letter of appreciation and she emailed back her congratulations.

I was kinda in “promo mode” because I wanted to maximize the amount of people who could download my ebook for free and potentially leave reviews on Amazon. There are many sites that allow you to post your Kindle free book promotions on their sites. I also Facebook messaged some people in my local area that posted “freebies” ( and was met with nothing but kindness.

But then it happened. I messaged someone on their facebook page and they promptly messaged back. The entire message was foul. Not just ugly, but foul. The nicest thing this person called me was “a troll.”

I tried not to let it bother me. Obviously she’d not understood my heart. I repeated to myself, “Hurting people hurt people.” (But it kinda did bother me). I retraced my thoughts. I had done my research. My message was friendly. This wasn’t just me trolling, was it? Doubt started to sink in. Shake it off, sister. Just shake it off!

In Ruth Sokoup’s fabulous book, How to Blog For Profit without Selling Your Soul*, she admits that she did her fair share of “blogstalking.” When she attended a conference, she approached a blogger that she had regularly commented on and introduced herself.

The blogger replied, “Oh, I know who you are! You are the one that always comments on my blog.”Luckily for Ruth, she is now good friends with her blog crush.

But not all stories of bloglovin’ end up with a fairy tale ending like that, as evidence by my nasty facebook reply.

When I started getting serious about blogging in 2012, I started blog-crushing on a certain blogger, Deidre Guillory at She had a vibrant blog, great photos and did her blog launch the right way. Before her blog went live she already neared 800 Facebook fans! This girl knew what she was doing!

Deidre 3324347

Check out She is AMAZEBALLS!

She happened to be a friend of a friend. So I started following her posts. I was totally crushin’. She looked so “together” and totally loved Jesus.

I commented on her blog posts. I liked all her Facebook updates. I retweeted her comments when she requested. I pinned her images to my Pinterest boards.

Bloggingtip Day13 665x1024 4790612 If anyone had the right to call me a “troll” — it was her. But she NEVER did. My comments have always been met with “Thanks, Elaine!” My tweets have always been “favorited” and retweeted. When I’ve asked her to pin something of mine, she’s been faithful.

She even went so far as to email me her “secrets” to a successful blog launch.

But ever since fifth grade when this one girl told me “You’re So Annoying” those three words of rejection have shaped my life — to the point I emailed Deidre recently to apologize for “trolling.” She responded with love and kindness.

In Matthew 6, Jesus commands us to keep our “good deeds” a secret. He says let God reward you for those deeds you’ve done behind closed doors.

I want to “shout from the rooftops” about bloggers, like Crystal Paine and Deidre Guillory, whose sweet spirit “in the darkness” is praiseworthy according to Matthew 10:27

What I tell you now in the darkness, shout abroad when daybreak comes. What I whisper in your ear, shout from the housetops for all to hear!

I want to remind those of you following this #JesusBlogger series to emulate them. Because one day it might be you that gets the shout out. And you don’t want to be remembered as “the evil-mean blogger.”

Your character is defined not by what you do on your blog, but by what you do off your blog.

Elaine Mingus

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