Jesus Blogger Day 1 – Know Your Roots

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Head covering Christian woman who loves wine, good coffee and stinky cheese. My favorite dessert is Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake. I am a Christian author, blogger, and speaker. I fell in love with my husband because he had rain drops on his glasses (true story). In my spare time I homeschool my six children (5 girls, 1 boy).

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Jesus Blogger Day 1 – Know Your Roots

Okay, so in the beginning of the book of Matthew we see this super long genealogy of Jesus. It’s the part we all skip right?

Abraham was the father of Isaac. Isaac was the father of Jacob. Blah. Blah. Blah (I’m so pretty. I like you. But I’m angry with you for some reason…oh wait…that’s the Lego Movie…sorry…back to Matthew 1).

Why is this long boring part included? And what the heck does it have to do with blogging?

I believe it has EVERYTHING to do with blogging. And it is definitely where we, as bloggers, should start.

This genealogy is Jesus’ roots. It’s why we know he is the legitimate fulfillment of prophecy. And if you’ve ever read the Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers (if you haven’t, YOU SHOULD!) you’ll know that this genealogy is chock-full of cray-cray.

For example…

Jesus’ great-great-great-etc-grandmother, Tamar, dressed like a prostitute to get Judah to sleep with her. Totally scandalous! His great-great-etc-grandmother, Rahab, was the prostitute that let the spies into Jericho. Traitor! And we ALL know about Bathsheba! Adulteress!

But the roots of Jesus set the stage for him coming into the world via a virgin (who wasn’t married when she conceived BTW), being born in a barn and wrapped in swaddling cloth. Swaddling cloth (if you didn’t know) was what the lowest-of-the-low shepherds wore. Jesus’ roots IDENTIFIED with the falleness of mankind making him even more of an amazing savior!

I’m sure there is a LOT more there about Jesus’ awesomeness and how his background played into his calling…but I’ll stop.

My first challenge to my fellow blogger is to:

Know Your Roots

  • Who are you?
  • Where did you come from?
  • Who are your parents?
  • Are you a first generation Christian or was your great-great-grandaddy part of the Azusa Street Revival?

Knowing who you are and accepting who you are will help you make decisions about your blog later on down the line.

If you have read The Testimony of Elaine Mingus you’ll know that I once was an ex-heroin junkie who got saved while on Ecstasy, was delivered from bulimia and became a married, ex-roller derby, homeschooling mom of six and author.

Fifteen years ago, I got saved…I mean really SAVED.

No, really. I freaked people out.

Since, then I’ve kind of toned it down for public consumption (only a little though in order to not completely weird people out and send them running in the other direction).

But this story — my roots — is who I am. It’s part of my “genealogy.”

When I started blogging I knew that I didn’t want to write about anything other than Jesus because he has completely turned my life upside down. I wrote my “manifesto” of sorts called Why I don’t want to be a DIY, Homeschooling, Mommy Blogger.

There is nothing wrong with blogging about food or homeschooling. I post homeschooling videos and do DIY posts occasionally, but because I know my roots I keep coming back to my “Jesus Blogging.”

Maybe the Lord has blessed you with the gift of hospitality and cooking. You are a rock-star in the kitchen. When you serve up a dish it always leads to people raving. They have to have the recipe. Then, they say, “you should start a blog” or “I would totally ‘pin’ this recipe.”

If that’s you, I believe it is God’s way of showing you your roots. He’s deemed you to be a food blogger. Even through food blogging you have the potential to win souls to Christ. Don’t believe me? Let me recap a story I heard at Re:Write, a conference for writers in Austin, Texas, where Crystal Paine of spoke. (PS…she’s a super strong Christian – see her testimony here).

She stood on stage, all five feet of her, and spoke bolder than anyone I’ve ever heard. (Okay…she might be taller than that, but she is a small woman).

Crystalpaine 300x300 8902622

Crystal Paine of at Re:Write Conference in Austin, Texas

First, she told a story of how she and her husband did not want to accumulate any debt while he was in law school. While growing up, her mom taught her how to use coupons. After a series of people asking her how she managed to have such a small budget, she wrote a viral blog post about how she only spent $35/week on groceries and related items. Today, her frugal living blog has over 700k+ Facebook fans.

At the conference, she challenged people to not be afraid of making money on their blogs. She was making so much money from her couponing blog that when a book publisher approached her about writing a book, at first, she turned them down.

But one day, she stood doing her dishes and the Lord spoke to her heart. He told her to write the book and donate all the money. Well, that put a fire in her heart that did not exist there before. Now she could wrap her head around writing a book because it had a purpose behind it. A purpose outside of making more money.

She did write that book and it made so much money that she was able to fund a center for 160+ women and babies in the Dominican Republic. (Read Crystal Paine’s post “The most exciting thing that has ever happened to me as a blogger”).

And she’s a coupon blogger! She’s not Lysa Terkeurst who blogs/speaks/writes exclusively about becoming more like Jesus! But God has led Crystal Paine to write about saving money because of her roots. It all started with her mama giving her a background in couponing.

God can use your food blog, your craft blog or your faith blog to do his will, too.

So, I challenge you today (Day 1 of Jesus Blogger) to journal/blog/write/think about your roots. Where do you envision yourself as a blogger? What is your passion?

Is it food? Crafts? DIY? Frugal living? – and don’t forget to look at your past and figure out how/why that is what you feel like you want to blog about.

Don’t be tempted to write a blog about something you aren’t really interested in. I’ll tell you my story about our failed jewelry business later on in this series. (I like jewelry…but not that much!) It. Was. Horrible.

And remember…

Just because your blog isn’t “spiritual” in nature, doesn’t mean that you won’t be an effective minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God places people EVERYWHERE to do his will.

We are salt and light. Even in the blog world.

Elaine Mingus

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