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Is Your Bible Buried Under Burp Cloths?

No one warned me about motherhood.

Or maybe they did.

Maybe it’s like when you tell people you are getting married and they say, “Your wedding day will be a blur.” You just smile and nod. Then, the “Big Day” comes and you wonder why you spent so much money on the catering when you didn’t get to eat anything!

Maybe motherhood is like that.

Either way, I found myself shirtless and nursing my ever-hungry baby while my Bible always sat out of arm’s reach. It didn’t really matter. Even if I could reach it I was so overwhelmed with all the new tasks that, by the time I got around to it, I could barely keep my eyes open.

Thriving the First Days of Becoming Mommy

Thriving the First Days of Becoming Mommy by Elaine Mingus - Available on Amazon.comThat’s why I wrote the ebook Thriving the First Days of Becoming Mommy. I wanted to provide new moms with a short devotional that they could reasonably digest while tackling nursing, diapering and the whole new world of motherhood. This devotional includes uplifting and humorous stories of my first days as a new mommy.

As a mother of six children, I have collected many adventures.

In this ebook I tell the stories of:

  • The know-it-all stranger at the grocery store and how I learned to have grace for the well-meaning (yet unsolicited) advice of others.
  • As a recovered bulimic, I talk about body issues after motherhood.
  • The much anticipated (or dreaded) “six-week-sex-is-now-okay” mark doesn’t go without mention either.
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But, I think my all-time-favorite story is the one where my husband tells me that he “thinks I stuffed myself into that dress” only six weeks after baby was born!

Most of all, the book functions as a gateway back into the swing of having a quiet time with the Lord, despite being busy with a new baby. By the end of this month-long devotional, I encourage new moms to continue to seek Jesus, who is the well that never runs dry.

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About the Author

Elaine Mingus

Elaine Mingus, Author and Blogger at SuperRadChristianWriterChick.comThis Ex-Roller Derby girl never expected to be the mom of six children. She swore she would definitely never homeschool.

And on the day Elaine Mingus walked into a random church on a Thursday morning and demanded to “pray,” she never expected to be at a coffeeshop that same night telling every homeless person and barista that she’d just met Jesus.

But there was one thing she always knew.

She knew some day she’d be a real writer. Of course, she imagined herself walking on the streets of New York instead of walking up and down the stairs of a house in the suburbs of Austin, Texas.

Thriving the First Days of Becoming Mommy is her first non-fiction ebook. She graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in journalism. And then promptly had her second baby.

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She now lives with her six children and her husband, Noah. She has a white picketed-fence and a minivan.

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