Is It Okay To Read Christian Romance Novels?

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Marshalee Patterson was born in Kingston, Jamaica. After she visited Italy in 2003, she started to write about. She gives credit to being a Christian as it is the Holy Spirit that she says guides her in writing her books. She writes Christian romance/adventure and family books, where all her characters are created from her own experiences that helps her to write with a lot of heart and love. She hopes that through her novels she can inspire people of all ages with the message of hope in Christ and showing them that through him comes deliverance.
Marshaleepatterson 5582634

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After I visited the beautiful island of Sicily, Italy I decided to write my first novel, Predestined Love, a romance story.

However, the minute I started writing the first chapter the Holy-Spirit took over.

Writing Predestined Love, helped me to see the benefits of reading Christian romance books.

But there are also some things to watch out for when reading Christian romance books.

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5 Reasons Why Reading Christian Romance Novels Are Beneficial

1. Unravel the Lies of Secular Romance

So many people including myself grew up on movies that are derived from secular books, which gave us the idea of what romance should look like.

They all imprint in our minds that sex should be explored before we marry, if we marry at all.

They have poisoned so many minds to what God’s word teaches as His principles, concerning love and romance.

Christians romance books can help us understand God’s view on love and marriage.

2. Reminds Us that Romance was God’s Idea

Many ministers teach very little on the subject of romance, as if it’s a taboo for Christians to even think about it.

They fail to recognize that there is an entire book in the Bible about love and romance called the Songs of Solomon.

God gave us sex as a gift for marriage only and Christian romance books teaches us how to wait on God for His choice of a mate for us.

Christian romance novels reminds us that God brings two people together not just for pleasure, but also to complement and strengthen each other to spread the Gospel.

3. Helps Others Avoid Common Pitfalls

Reading a Christian romance book is also a way in which the Lord teaches us how to walk in godliness, holiness and righteousness.

Overcoming my own real-life pitfalls can be used to help my readers grow when I include these lessons in story form through the lives of my characters.

4. Makes The Word Become Flesh

What I find very helpful when I read Christian romance books is when there are scriptures relating to a particular scene.

Those verses ministers to my spirit in ways that sometimes listening to a sermon doesn’t.

Seeing how people apply The Word in certain situations (even fictionalize) has helped me learn how to use it in my own life and it is then planted in my spirit.

5. Brings Christ to the Unbeliever

The Lord has taught me to write my books using scriptures and prayers to teach readers.

Some of my readers are not Christians. They might not know how to pray and might not ever set foot in a church.

Reading a Christian romance book that shows the truth of God’s love might be that light to help that one soul find Christ.

When it’s not okay for Christians to read a Christian Romance

Not all Christian romance novels are made the same

There are certain Christian romance novels that border on the line of acceptable.

We need to ensure that we pray for wisdom and read reviews of a book before purchasing it..

Any novel can bring out sexual urges; therefore I encourage all to pray before buying a book even if it says it’s Christian.

Beware of The Dangers of Christian Romance Books:

  • mistaking lust for love
  • idealizing marriage
  • idolizing romantic love between a man and a woman
  • taking eyes off of the spread of the Gospel
  • giving a false image of the capabilities of men and women
  • giving the false impression that everything always works out perfectly

We Are ALL Predestined for Love

The Bible says, “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

God loves us all.

Christian romances help portray God’s ultimate love story in human form.

I hope you’ll check out my novel, Predestined Love, and embrace the love of God through story form.

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Marshalee Patterson

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