Why Your Family Needs an Internet Accountability

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Christians make horrible choices sometimes. Just look at the latest church scandal to confirm this truth.

Whether it’s an infidelity website or porn, the potential for failing while online is almost certain. And that’s just consenting adults!

Imagine the trouble a curious teen can get into? Or an unknowing little boy looking for gifts for an upcoming birthday that types in ‘boy toy’ into Google!

A Second for the Eyes, Eternally in Your Heart

It just take a second for a seed to be planted into our hearts and minds.

Humans all possess the ability to control themselves, but they are less likely to exert the effort to do so when they know no one is looking.

We are weak. We are sinful.

Even when we want to be good, sometimes we just aren’t.

In the Bible, Paul says that he does the things he hates, and doesn’t do the things he loves.

We are no different.

Accountability partners are a great way to ward off many temptations. I think having accountability is a great way to remind us that one day we will answer to God for all that we do. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought ‘I don’t want to do that sin because I know God will convict me to tell it to my sister/husband.’ That fear is usually enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Online accountability is important because it’s all too easy to start sliding down a slippery slope and find yourself on a site you never meant to be on — only if out of curiosity.

NO ONE IS IMMUNE to sexual sin online

Please don’t let pride or naivety convince you that somehow you are exempt. You are not. No one is.

There are many online accountability programs out there, but I recommend Covenant Eyes* Family Plan because each family member gets their own login/password and then it generates a report telling someone else what they’ve been doing online. It works on computers, Apple devices and Android devices.

And if someone gets smart, uninstalls the program, and later reinstalls it – it will report that behavior.

The most frustrating thing with online accountability programs is that often there isn’t an override button causing a user to not gain access to legit sites. You can install an override button for certain users if you so choose (of course, Covenant Eyes* is still running to see what is being viewed).

A few other benefits of Internet Accountability are:

  • Limiting screen time
  • Records search terms used
  • Reports which videos watched on YouTube
  • Blocking specific sites
  • Emails to assist in making your family’s online experience safer (*optional)

Internet Accountability Cannot Filter the Heart

Even if you don’t choose to install a program that watches online activity, I humbly ask you to pray for your family’s protection from the lure of sin online as well as offline. Prayer is more important than any filter. A filter will modify the behavior, but prayer will modify the heart.

Internet Accountability Software is a great way to safeguard against online temptations, but it’s only the beginning of open and honest communication between partners and their families.

(* If you sign up with Covenant Eyes using this link or the ones above, I will get a $15 referral credit which enables my family to be protected. You can also refer people and get this same credit.)

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