Beginner’s Guide to Sharing the Gospel

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Many times we don’t share the gospel because we don’t know where to start!

We are like children that are asked to complete an algebra problem when we haven’t been told how to solve for the unknown.

Once you know how to share the gospel, it becomes a lot less scary of a responsibility!

Here is a great list of blog posts that will help you get started!

If you want to see the Way of the Master Method in action you can view the Austin-based documentary “What’s Your Greatest Fear?” below:

WHAT’S YOUR GREATEST FEAR? from Austin Media Outreach on Vimeo.

Join the crew from Austin Media Outreach as they hit the streets of Austin Texas and engage Austin’s night life with questions like, “What is your greatest fear?”, “What drives the fear?”, and explore the greatest fear of all, the fear of the unknown, the after life…

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Elaine Mingus

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