How to Hide Scripture in your Heart while in College

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At 1:15 am on a Tuesday in April I realized I wanted to radically change my prayer life. I was in my room unpacking a box of old books and notebooks when I found my prayer journal. It was filled with pictures, verses, prayers for my future husband, and a few pages with some tear stains. After looking at this I realized my prayer life was lukewarm when I had been on fire just a few months ago. Ya’ll… that is not a fun realization, let me tell you. I needed to make changes. BIG changes. Spending 10 minutes before falling asleep half whining and half praying just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I had let my relationship with Jesus become less and less of a priority and allowed relationships with others (especially boys) become way more important. Instead of waking up in the morning and craving a hazelnut coffee I wanted to crave Him and His Word right at the beginning of the day. So I set out to dig into Scripture more than I ever had and am still on this journey today. But while digging I realized that I wanted to have these verses with me always as comfort through out my day and through out life’s little anxieties. I wanted to hide His word in my heart.

Make Time

As a full time college student and full time assistant teacher at a day care I know how busy and messy life can get. But I also know how much messier it can get when I don’t make time for God. That’s why the first step in memorizing scripture and building it up in your heart is just making time to do so.

Choose your Scripture

What do you need this week? Are you having difficulty remembering God’s faithfulness or just plain overwhelmed? Whatever it is, there’s a verse for it. I guarantee it.
The first verse I decided to memorize has become a constant comfort for me through out my day.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philppians 4:13

I am so glad to have this lil’ nugget of goodness in my back pocket whenever I am struggling my own abilities or God’s.


Give yourself a Tat.

I love reminders. I am a firm believer in post-it notes and cell phone reminders. When I was struggling to figure out exactly how to go about intentionally memorizing Scripture I decided to write the first letter of each word of my chosen verse on my hand. Cause I mean… who doesn’t want a biblical tattoo?

When I started doing this in college it instantly starting up some really profound conversation with friends. They were intrigued by the scribbles on my hand and I realized that my journey to digging into His Word could also spark someone else’s interest in what He has to say. Double whammy!

Make your prayer life your own

Do not compare your progress or your relationship with Jesus to anyone else’s. With Facebook, Instagram, and countless other apps we are constantly comparing ourselves to those around us.

Cut it out.

Make your time with the Lord exactly that, YOUR time.

Make your journey deeper into the Bible only your own. If writing it on your hand doesn’t work for you then put it on a post-it and stick it to your mirror. Or set a picture of the verse as your phone background. I can guarantee that Jesus does not care what your strategy is….. He is ecstatic to see you pursuing Him.

Go Dig.

So go open your Bible. Choose a verse that means something to you. Maybe it’s a verse that you remember from your childhood or just one of those verses that everyone seems to know…and set your heart on memorizing it. Hide it in your heart in the hopes of using it later for your own comfort or maybe to build up a friend. Relentlessly dig deeper and I guarantee it will radically change your prayer life. You deserve to know that you are loved and that He is waiting for you.

Sophia Roth

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