Homeschooling in the end times has different implications than any other time in the history of homeschooling. Tips to prepare your child for the future.
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Homeschooling in the End Times

Men in white outfits stood menacingly outside a playground full of happy children. At first, no one noticed. They stepped closer. No one cared. They stepped again. Nothing. It was only when they were already upon the direct border that people started to panic.

This was a prophetic dream of a listener that Rick Wiles shared on (Source: Northen Light)

We know that Satan has an agenda against our children. Especially in our school systems. We can see it outlined in the Common Core curriculum and the teaching of evolution. Our teachers feel it as they are constantly stripped of their ability to control the children in their own classroom for fear of offended parents, essentially making them weaponless warriors. Parents are overworked and too tired to spend an extra three hours on the homework required each night of elementary students.

Homeschooling in the final days is a viable resource to parents wanting to fight the constant pull on their children’s souls.

While homeschooling gives us fabulous opportunity, we should not teach without recognizing that even our homeschooled children may grow to face predicaments we never had to experience.

How to Homeschool in the Final Days


Study History

History often creates groans in children.

“Why do we have to learn this boring stuff that happened to people that died years ago?” a child might complain.

Making history alive and applicable in their daily life can allow a child to understand its continued importance. Oftentimes, the subject of history is a list of timelines and memorization. But honestly, when is the last time you listed out all the presidents and their terms? Um, never, probably.

Focusing on historical events and the ramification of those events is more important than names and dates.

Personally, my favorite way to learn history is by watching documentaries and true-to-the-era narratives on Netflix. It puts a personal spin on an otherwise never-ending stream of data. We can see faces, hear stories about how real families were affected during a crisis and allow our minds to make connections to our current lives.

Another great resource are audio series. We love listening to the radio-style audio of Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol on Your Story Hour. These are especially great for long car trips. My eight year old still remembers details from our study of Abraham Lincoln.


Study Christian Persecution

Often children have no clue that there are Christians in other parts of the world (and nowadays even in America) that are being persecuted for their faith in Christ. Studying Christian persecution can be scary. Each parent has to make a decision whether or not their children are ready for this type of information. I’ve written a great post on How to Teach Kids About Christian Persecution for practical ideas.

Allowing children to be at least somewhat informed about Christian persecution can prepare them for the future. In addition to teaching your children about the end times, children need to understand that they can eventually use their post-homeschooling expertise and careers to help those that might be facing opposition to their faith.

Understanding that all places aren’t open to the gospel might propel them into politics to make changes in our government or the mission field to make changes in the hearts of men.

Homeschooling makes applying their knowledge about Christian persecution to their educational goals so much easier. Depending on how they are bent, you can tailor their curriculum to those aspirations.


Be Informed of Worldwide Current Events

Finding out what is happening in other countries has never been easier. With the advent of live streaming and YouTube, we can now see the atrocities around the globe, like this woman filming undercover in Syria under ISIS.

My young children can probably name at least fifty new toys that DC Collector has ‘unboxed’ on YouTube, but may not known who our president is or what a president even does! But my older children have way more knowledge about what is going worldwide.

We try to temper all knowledge with God’s word so they don’t get too frightened about what is going on.

Being informed of worldwide current events, can bring up some great lessons in government or economics as well.

God’s World News is a great asset for conservative Christians children, but requires a subscription. Oftentimes, you can get a homeschool group together to get a discount.


Practical Education

Introducing practical education is not only beneficial for the end times, but also for every day use.

Book education is considered the ‘higher form’ of education by most people, but in a crisis it won’t matter how many words you can spell correctly or how many algebraic equations you can solve.

It’s important to forgo a day of worksheets and science projects to learn some practical applications including:

  • Wound care
  • CPR/Himlech
  • Internet searching skills
  • Fire building
  • Construction skills/using tools
  • Gun safety

This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a good start. If you are pressed for time or resources (or if you don’t know how to do these things yourself) borrowing books or DVDs from the library can aid you.

I personally learned Child & Infant CPR from a DVD I borrowed from our local library.


Teach the Authority of God’s Word

Above everything else you teach your children, teach them that God’s Word is infallible and trustworthy. Teach them that no perceived lack of scientific evidence can usurp the truth of God’s words. Remind them over and over that no political system will be able to save the world. Only Jesus can. And He will.

Whenever they start a fiction book for an English report, remind them that if they ever question something written in a story they should always rely on God’s word first and foremost. Even some of the strictest parents can accidentally allow heretical information to be presented to their children in the form of movies, books and friends.

If you children know that truth first comes from the mouth of God, they are assured to not be swayed by shifting ideologies.


Focus on Character Building, Not Subject Building

Should you teach your child Spanish or Latin?

Does is matter?

In the end, either one are great languages to learn for different reasons, but the true benefit isn’t the ability to speak or read a foreign language but rather the character building that developed as they diligently studied. Learning languages requires patience and self-control. Mastery can boost confidence. Patience, self-control and confidence are character traits that cannot be taught from a book as well as they are gleaned from purposeful study.

My sister has a quote she often repeats.

“Prepare your children for Heaven, not Harvard.”

I don’t think I could have said it better myself. Always keep in mind that whatever subjects you teach in your homeschool classroom, none will matter if they don’t end up with you in the presence of Jesus.


Final Thoughts

Homeschooling rewards the parents involved, as well as the children. As parents, we are the brightest lights in our children’s lives. If we homeschool them, let us always remember to teach with grace and love so they may know the heart of the Father in heaven. If you find yourself overwhelmed with homeschooling, take a step back. Breath. Remember that in these final days, we are required to educate our children, but we should enjoy them as well.

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