How to Glorify God in Your Home Decorating

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How to Glorify God in Your Home Decorating

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Patty Greenbacker

Patty is a Christ-following wife, mother, and blogger encouraging and inspiring other women through wisdom packed blog posts and Scripture art. She enjoys blogging about Christianity for today’s woman and how to incorporate faith in the home. Currently, she is a stay-at-home mom to one precious baby boy.

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As women God calls us to be keepers of our homes. This is a high calling. But we must be careful to fulfill it with the right motives and actions.

As Christians we want God to be a part of a every area of our lives! Here are some foundational tips for how to glorify God even in your home decorating.


Overcoming Wrong Motives to Glorify God In Your Home

Sometimes we can do the right thing for the wrong purpose. If our motive is wrong, we will find ourselves overworked and underwhelmed. It is important that our motive in designing and maintaining our homes is right before God.

We live in a society that stresses Pinterest perfection.

Some of us spend hours on Pinterest searching for the next DIY project to complete.

Others scroll through Facebook and admire the snapshots of the beautiful homes our friends have.

But without caution, we can get wrapped up in what the world tells us our homes should be like and abandon God’s best for the dwelling places He has provided for us.

The First Step in Designing a Home that Glorifies God

Before we design a home that will glorify God, we must check our motives. (See also: 7 Ways to Invite God’s Presence In Your Home)

God commands us not to covet our neighbor’s homes. 

God knows our hearts and our tendency to covet what others have.

Sometimes we see the “perfect” home our friend has or the beautiful landscaping of a nearby neighbor and we begin to wish it could be ours. And we want to complete every DIY project we can to make what we have just like what they have.

But if coveting our neighbor’s homes is our motive for designing our homes, what good is it?

All our efforts mean nothing if they are not done from a humble heart devoted to God.

Being Thankful for Your Home

So what is the antidote to home envy? Thankfulness.

The Bible tells us to be thankful in all things, including your home.

You ARE where God has planted you for THIS season in your life. And He is intentional. He has a purpose for putting you where you are. So be thankful for the roof over your head, regardless of its size.

Instead of focusing on what you believe is lacking in your home, meditate on what God, in His infinite goodness, entrusted to you. It is a blessing!

When you see your home as a God given blessing, you will want to dedicate it back to Him.

Glorifying God in the Home with Our Actions

If you realize that God has blessed you with the home you live in, you are thankful to God and have decided to glorify God with your home by dedicating it to Him; how else can you glorify God in your home?

Start on the inside. Not the inside of your house, but the inside of your heart.

Glorifying God in your home starts with being Christlike in your relationships with the ones that live there.

We start by loving and honoring one another above ourselves by putting their needs first.

Jesus did that for us when He died on the cross.

We, too, should be ready and willing to do this for those who live in or visit our homes.

Glorifying God by Guarding Our Homes

Another important aspect of glorifying God in our homes includes guarding our homes spiritually.

In my home we listen almost entirely to Christian music or music with Christian themes.

Why? Because it is one way of dedicating what God has entrusted to us back to Him. It invites His presence and His peace into our household and sets our minds on Him!

We choose to watch Christian films or movies that have biblical principles in them. This keeps our eyes on things that are edifying and that point us to Jesus.

Some people think this is drastic, but we see it as a way to guard our home and set it apart for Christ.

Glorifying God by Decorating Our Homes

The continual process of glorifying God in our homes eventually moves outward.

It goes from how we act to what we allow into our home to how our homes are decorated. (See Also: 3 Ways to Reflect God’s Nature in Our Homes)

One of the ways I have been intentional about glorifying the Lord in my home is being thoughtful about what I put on the walls. Bible verses hang in every room of my house. It elevates God in my heart and mind.

In our kitchen we have a large wall plaque that says “Give us this day our daily bread.”

It’s a constant reminder that God is our provider.

Verses from Psalm 51 hang in our bathroom as a reminder of how Christ has made me clean.

There are other ways to glorify Him in your home’s design, for example:

  • Framing lyrics from hymnals
  • Painting Inspirational quotes on your walls
  • Incorporate various symbols of your faith into each room
  • Display a family Bible
  • Hang a cross to be seen by guests.

The goal is to bless those who enter, to reflect Christ to them, and to glorify God in your home.

Let Him be magnified there! Regardless of how you decide to do it, dedicating your home to the Lord and then intentionally setting it apart for Him is what brings joy to His heart!


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