20 Stock Stuffers & Gifts for the Christian Woman in Your Life

It’s that time of year again. Time to find stocking stuffers and gifts for Christian women in your life.

There are so many great ways to incorporate Jesus, faith and the Word of God into our lives, but here are just a a few.

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20 Stock Stuffers & Gifts for Christian Women in Your Life

1. Christian Art – Christian art is a great way for a Christian woman to decorate her home in a fashionable way while displaying her faith. Art can be very intimate and personal, so make sure you do your investigation and research into her style and favorite verses before purchasing some!

2. Christian Bookmark – If the Christian woman in your life loves to read, a beautiful bookmark is a great stocking stuff for a Christian.

3. Essential Oils of the Bible – Did you know there are 13 Essential Oils of the Bible? Stock your Christian woman up with these Biblical essential oils…and these amazing Essential Oils of the Bible printable cards.

4. Christian Planner – I love my Happy Planner. If your Christian lady has a busy life, this is a great way to remind her how to focus her day around Jesus.

5. Christian Mousepad – For those Christian ladies in your life who work on a computer often, a Christian mousepad is a cute way to incorporate her faith into her every day life.

6. Christian Bracelet – A statement bracelet with a key scripture is a fun and beautiful way to remind your Christian woman that God is always by her side.

7. Christian Ring – If bracelets aren’t really your Christian friends style, try giving her a poignant ring with a cool Hebrew saying like “This too shall pass” on it so she remembers that life is full of ups and downs, she will rejoice in the times of triumph but be comforted in times of trial.

8. Christian Books  – Books are always on most Christian women’s “to buy” list. There are so many books that Christian women WANT, choose wisely…and find her Amazon wish list by searching for it here!

9. Christian Head Covering – If your Christian female friend head covers (or is thinking about it) a beautiful pashmina scarf is a great gift for her.

10. Christian Makeup Bag – There’s nothing like a beautiful makeup bag to start a Christian woman’s day with.

11. Christian Keychain – A keychain with a scripture or reminder about Jesus is a great addition to helping her keep all her keys together.

12. Christian Pillow – Faith is a part of every part of a Christian woman’s life…even home decor. Get something that helps her display her faith.

13. Christian Journaling Bible – I love my journaling Bible and so will the Christian woman in your life. I love the giant text and large sidebars for doodling in this one!

14. Christian Journal – A notebook is a great inexpensive stocking stuff for your Christian woman.

15. Christian Coffee Cup – Nothing starts out a day better than a good Bible study…and a good hot cup of coffee and a cute Jesus cup.

16. Christian Music – CDs or MP3s are great easy gifts for a Christian lady, if you aren’t sure of her style you can always buy her an Amazon Gift card or get her the latest Lauren Diagle CD.

17. Christian Scripture Memorization Cards – These beautiful scripture cards are fun stocking stuffers for a Christian woman. She can throw them in her purse or display them for easy viewing.

18. Christian Water Bottle – Who doesn’t love a new waterbottle? Get one with a faithful say from the Bible.

19. Christian Blanket – I love the saying on this Christian blanket…so true.

20. Bible Planner & Journaling Supplies – Art supplies for a Christian planner (above) or a Journaling Bible (above) are great stocking stuffers to accompany the main gift!



Unsure what to get Christian women in your life this year? Or are you a Christian woman that doesn't know what she wants? Here are some great ideas for stocking stuffs and gifts for Christian women.

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