What is a Radical Christian Woman?

“I’m a Christian,” someone will say.

That used to mean something. We used to be able to have a clear idea of what type of person that meant they were. It meant they followed Jesus even when it was hard. That meant they believed that the Bible was infallible, Jesus was God, and Heaven and Hell existed. That meant they lived differently than the rest of the world.

But now you can’t tell apart Christians from the unbeliever.

Christians everywhere are accepting biblically unsound doctrine, condoning expressly forbidden sins, and forgetting the power of the Gospel of Jesus.

And it’s like a cancer quickly spreading to every area of our current Christian culture. Many youth groups are full of teens captivated with the latest fashions and pop stars instead captivated by the Creator of the Universe. Christian moms gather in groups to talk about almost everything in painstaking detail…while their relationship with Christ barely sees the light of day. Men have been neutered by the Feminist Movement. Women take the spiritual lead in most families. Divorce among Christians is just as bad as those NOT in the church.

And being “a Christian” doesn’t hold much weight in our politically-correct-obsessed society. Many people who profess Christianity today are weak-willed, broken and lukewarm following their make-shift morality instead of The Spirit of the Living God.

But there are some…

Elaine Mingus, owner of RadicalChristianWoman.com, sits with 100-year-old Marie, who requested prayer for coffee

Among the fray, there are some Christians who want more.

Some Christians who despite everything are trying the best they can to not succumb to the pattern of this world.

But it’s hard.

It’s absurd to say that homosexuality is a sin when everyone else (including our laws) say it’s a natural part of biology. Almost impossible for young women to dress modestly when every single store offers nothing but booty shorts and low-cut skin-tight shirts. Difficult for a wife to admit she believes that her husband is her head and she should submit to his authority. And practically futile to try to tell people about Jesus.

Because of this, I knew something had to be done. Something big. Something radical. But what?

My Story

I read this great (very short) little book about why Christian women should wear head coverings. I was so inspired by the truth of this book that I started looking for them and found these great fashionable ones from Modli.co. Read the basics of the book on this post and find a link to download KP Yohanna's free ebook Head Coverings.

In 1999, I got saved. Really saved. I told everyone I knew how I’d met “the REAL Jesus.” The problem was no one wanted to hear about it. They thought Christianity was a weak religion with hypocritical followers. And in many cases, they were absolutely right.

For years, I was frustrated with the current spiritual climate and fought to change it. But eventually, I got worn out. There were only a small few that came alongside me who understood there was power in the name of Jesus.

Then, I got married, had babies, and was too busy with “real life.” Most days, I did my morning Bible study and moved on with my day.

Tired of Boring Christianity

But in the back of my mind, something was missing. That fire. That passion. That LIFE I knew I was missing.

Between diaper changes, homeschooling and dishes I tried to find something online that said what I wanted to hear. I wanted to be challenged. I wanted to read something that might piss me off in the beginning, but ultimately change me to look more like Jesus. I was tired of namby-pamby faith. I wanted to be inspired to experience the fullness of Christ I knew existed.

I tried talking to people at my church who informed me they were bored too, but churches need to be “seeker friendly.” I tried to argue that Christian fellowship was, first and foremost, for Christians to get recharged and encouraged to face an unseen enemy for the sake of spreading the Good News. But my cries were met mostly with excuses and blind eyes.

So, I decided to tackle this issue head-on.

Radical Christian Woman was born.

My family (husband not included in this photo).
My family (husband not included in this photo).

Radical Christian Woman actually started out as Super Rad Christian Writer Chick. Today, RCW is a blog for those women, like me, who want to live their lives sold-out for Jesus. They want everything in their entire world to be overshadowed by His divine presence. They desire their children to be on fire for the Lord and not stray. They are willing to lay down their own lives for their husbands.

They are RADICAL in a country that insists on being mundane.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Christians who are satisfied with Sunday service and a few good Christian self-help books, these are the women willing to get dirty for the cause. They are digging in. Asking the hard questions like:

  • Why don’t we see healings in our world today?
  • How can I actively share the gospel?
  • What does being a Christian woman mean according to the Bible alone?

They aren’t scared of the answers. They are willing to go against the current spiritual tide…even if that means they are the only one in their entire congregation that looks, speaks and behaves differently than everyone else.

Because they’ve been chosen. Called to be “in this world” but not “of this world.” And they refuse to accept anything else.

They are truly a Radical Christian Woman.