How to Get People to Read Your Stuff

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Do you ever write something and wonder, why do I do this? Am I EVER going to make a difference with my words?

Me too.

If you’ve been writing your book, poem, blog or article that has yet to be published or go viral and you’re wondering how you can increase the reach of your words (aka get people to read your stuff), then keep reading.

You can get more people to read your stuff by taking these morsels of advice:

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How to Get People to Read Your Stuff

1. Hone Your Craft

There is A LOT of talent out there. Everyone has a blog to prove it. What makes the difference between a good writer and a great one? A good writer might be interesting, but a great one hooks you. It’s not all about grammar either.

By becoming a better writer, more people will read your stuff.

There are a couple ways to hone your craft:

  1. Hang out with other writers (and listen).
  2. Get critiques (and don’t take them personally).
  3. Read. Read. Read. (and take notes).
  4. Subscribe to writing tip websites like this one! (And get the free ebook How to Start a Christ-Centered Blog)


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2. Write Out of Your Comfort Zone

I love to write about Jesus, but sometimes I have to get out of my ‘writing box’ and write about something else. It helps give me a mental break and it attracts people who otherwise wouldn’t read my blog.

Sometimes you have to write about things you normally wouldn’t write about to get people to notice you — and your other work. 

If they like what they see, they might just become long-time readers. Getting out of my comfort zone increases the number of people that will read my stuff.

3. Be Where Your Audience Is

Although it nice to write out of your comfort zone sometimes, it’s not where you need to be all the time.

You need to write (and socialize) where ‘your people’ are hanging out. You need to consistently write about things that your audience finds appealing and post it on the correct social media.

Is your audience younger or an older hipster – try Twitter. Is your audience organizing and decorating? Pinterest is your best bet.

Just like it would be weird to have a bridal boutique table at an auto-parts convention, you want to make sure your writing is landing where your readers are in order to get more people to read your stuff.

4. Collaborate

Momquilt 300x460 4558702 One of my favorite ways to increase the visibility of my words is by collaborating with other writers. Piggybacking onto what other bloggers or authors are doing helps get your words the exposure they deserve.

Recently, I had the honor of being a part of the ‘Mom Quilt’ Project. It’s a collection of inspiring stories by moms on a variety of topics. All the money from purchases of the book will be going towards building a water well in Kenya through Mercy House, a non-profit that supports pregnant mamas. (The ebook is $9.99 and can be purchased here).

By combining the efforts of 60 different writers, we know how the power to get our words into the hands of 60 times as many people as if we were doing it alone! Amazing!

5. Keep Writing

The Bible says that everything that is done in secret will one day be brought to light. Even if all your words are written in the darkness of your bedroom and the only light shining on them is from your computer screen, God is reading your words. We all want the masses to read our words, but there is only one audience that really matters — the Father in Heaven.

In the right time, your words will get the exposure they were meant for.

Don’t give up!

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