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As a single Christian woman it’s often hard to stay positive about being single, but in my single season, I am seizing every opportunity to grow closer to God. During this time I have also accomplished one of my goals, like starting my own blog and opening my eyes to the world of possibilities when the Lord is by my side.

I’m not going to lie, waiting is hard. And it’s hard to explain to people especially in high school or group settings why you want to wait, but I have promised myself that I would wait on the one God has for me ever since I was 14 years old.

A couple of months ago I started writing mushy love letters to my future husband with prayers written on them and I keep them in a small notebox under my bed.


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In today’s society people often view waiting as “uncool” or “lame” and accuse others that they are “too scared” to be intimate. This is not the case!

We need to stick to our morals and stay on track in honoring God, no matter what everyone else says.

Contrary to popular opinion, waiting is not “uncool” but simply a means of expressing that we truly care about our future husband and want to save something that’s meant for him for only him.

I made a pact when I was only 14 years old to wait for my future husband and it has not been easy. I do know that in the end, it will all be worth it because honoring God and my future husband is something that I take seriously.

Being able to look back on our lives and say that we waited for the one God had prepared for us is an incredible accomplishment and is often inspiring to many others.



I include everything that is happening to me in my letters.

Even if we are in a relationship we can write those letters to our future husband about that relationship even if we intend on marrying them.

We can tell him about what we are feeling and how we are praying for him and just how much he means to us.

It’s okay if we don’t know who exactly this person is yet because God is preparing our hearts to meet this person and at that time we should be so focused on God.



God has known our life plan even before we were born. He has everything mapped out and knows exactly what kind of job we will have, where we will live, how many kids we will have, and who our future husband will be. Amazing, right? In our single season we shouldn’t doubt God, because even if we think that our life is crumbling down, God is just preparing us for something better that is coming our way.

Someone once said:

An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.

I loved how this quote really related to the concept of waiting for our future husband. Think about how God represents that invisible red thread and how even if we turn away from Him and feel lost He’s never left us and He never will.

Everything in our lives is happening because it is all part of God’s plan for us.

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Even when I was 14 I had these thoughts and values for my life. I knew who God was and knew that whatever plans He had for me, He was going to carry out because He always keeps His promises.

I saw all of my friends getting into relationships and wondered if that would ever be me, but then I remembered that my time would come when God thinks I’m ready.

I sometimes think that I’m ready to be in a relationship, but then a couple of days later I find something about my character that I need to work on that God already knew about.

If someone told us all of the plans and opportunities that God will provide us, we wouldn’t believe them! His plans are so elaborate and intricate and perfectly designed for us. Even though I’ve had a relationship with God my whole life, I am only at the start of it and I can’t wait to see what all he has left in store for me.

I can’t wait until God brings me the one that He has for me and be able to show him all of the letters I’ve saved up over the years and how I was praying for him. It’s always so crazy to see how God brings two people together!


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