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Bible says that we are all called to feed God’s sheep. But not all are called to be pastors, apostles or prophets.

Every part of the body has different purpose and all need each other function.

For writers…we are the hands…typing (or long-handing) our words for God’s glory.

So many of us have started our Christian novel, but haven’t finished it.

Here are some reasons that you should finish writing your Christian novel.

5 Reasons You Should Finish Writing Your Christian Novel

Christian Novels are God’s Instrument

When I started writing my first novel-‘Predestined Love,’ I learned that I am God’s instrument after my novel took a turn I never expected.

I had one idea for how I wanted the story but as I began the first chapter, the Holy-Spirit turned it into something different.

This is how my writing has been ever since. Each book idea comes from Him and I must rely on His guidance.

I remind myself that it is He who inspires the prophets and apostles to write the Bible and it’s the same spirit that dwells in me.

When I do this I feel blessed and as I pray for Him to guide me with every part of the story so that it is written as it should for the right readers to receive the message in it; the story comes without a hitch.

Christian Novels Spread the Gospel

As Christian novelists writing could be the only way to help spread the gospel of Christ.

Some people will never set foot in a church. Some people are carrying around such burdens that they are afraid to share with even those closest to them. Some might believe that reading a Christian book will help whereas telling someone might become too judgmental of them.

Imagine the joy you will feel when a reader shares a testimony that one of your books helped them to know Christ and understand more about how to walk as a Christian.

Book sales will not make you feel more blessed compared to knowing someone came to Christ because you allow God to use you to fulfill His plan through you.

Christian Novels Encourage Other Believers

The other day I went on Amazon to check out some reviews for Christian romance and suspense books as I was interested to see what the most critical readers wrote.

Most wrote that the stories were very inspiring but lacked being Christian enough.

It is not only for Christian ministers to write books with Christ as the central theme of their books;but  every Christian writer should make sure Christ is effectively communicated., After all why do we write stories if not to help fellow Christians to grow more in their relationship with Christ and also to introduce Him to the unsaved?

Therefore just like pastors and apostles who seek the Lord before they step out to minister to their congregation, so should we.

So whether we write romance, suspense or another category, we will know what the Lord wants to minister to readers through our books.

Christian Novels Glorify God

We don’t write for ourselves and our own fame, but the fame of Jesus.

When we write what God has placed in our hearts, our obedience glorifies God.

The Bible says:

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10 (ESV) 

When we do what we are created to do, it reflects back on our creator much like the good deeds of a child reflect on the good parenting our those who raised them.

Christian Novels Edify the Writer

In my journey I am letting Christ guide me. And I know the blessing and success. The Lord is teaching me to not be too anxious but let Him work through me at his pace and will.

I also know the spiritual fight I will have, as they already have started. Through my struggles the Lord is building me up to be stronger spiritually.

When you write for God, you will be edified through the very character’s lives that you write about.

As I write, He ministers to my Spirit as well and helps me to grow spiritually as I allow Him to use me for His purpose.

The Lord has helped me become a better Christian while writing one of my books.

What’s Your Excuse?

I want to ask you, what’s your excuse?

Why are you putting off that Christian novel?

Set out your fears before God and ask him to help you deal with them.

And I would love if you shared your stories how the Lord helped you to grow in your writing as well!

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