I don't want to go to church, I rush through my time with God, and praying feels like nuisance. The Lord showed me the reasons that I feel spiritually dry.
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I Feel Spiritual Dry, What Will Help Me?

I’m writing this a eight on a Sunday morning and I don’t want to go to church. But I am in charge of coffee, so I’ll do my duty.

I’m a BIG believer in not forsaking the fellowship even when you feel like skipping church, but last night when I realized that church was coming, I dreaded it.

It’s horrible, right?

I have this blog called Radical Christian Woman…and I don’t want to spend time with God.

Because it’s not just about church, my entire spiritual life feels like a nuisance. A nuisance. Wow. I type those words…and like, wow.

Spending time with the Creator of the Universe feels like a nuisance to me.

When did this happen?

As I laid in bed this morning talking to God about it, the Lord spoke to my heart about some things that were causing me to feel spiritually dry.

This post is an exploration of those things and is running (and open) tab.

20 Reasons You Feel Spiritually Dry

1. Watching Too Much TV

Lately, I’ve been watching a more television than usual.

I’m not usually a TV person, but lately as soon as the kids go to bed I’ve been flipping on the television.

Watching TV is acceptable in most cases, but not when I’m using it to push the pause button on my spiritual life.

I say my relationship with God is important to me, but my actions are not lining up with my thinking.

My goal is not turn on the TV until I’ve done my Bible study and prayer time..even if it’s late at night.

2. Withholding Time & Money

Whether it’s money or time, I’ve been hoarding it like a squirrel preparing for winter.

We have some tithe money that seems to be happy to sit our bank account instead of doing it’s job in God’s Kingdom

Each time I get a moment, I sit down at my computer instead of doing what I ought in my spiritual life.

The Bible says,

You shall not delay to offer the first of your ripe produce and your juices. Exodus 22:29 NKJV

My time and money are indicators of where my heart is.

And recently, my gauge is pointing to “self.”

3. Avoiding Physical Exercise

I believe that our physical life can show us a lot about our spiritual one.

Engaging in physical exercise can motivate us to engage in spiritual workouts.

My spiritual body needs to be in shape, just like my physical one. Without daily interaction with God, my convictions get flabby and my spiritual body is ripe for disease.

But it’s a discipline.

Just like we have to make time for physical exercise, I have to make spiritual exercising a habit.

Time and time again, I’ve found that as I’m on my elliptical I tend to engage in spiritual thoughts and prayers. Even moreso, when I take my workout outdoors!

4. Focusing on Performance

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Personally, I get annoyed with the story of Mary and Martha. I feel like Martha get so much hate. I even wrote a blog called, The Other Story of Mary and Martha, revealing a often overlooked story about the two sisters.

But if I’m honest, I need to get a Mary Heart in a Martha World.

I’ve been trying so hard to please God with my actions that I’ve failed to please God with my actions.

It’s time to stop rush around doing all the things for Jesus and sit at His feet and be with Jesus.

And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:41 NKJV

5. Not Protecting My Quiet Time

Kids, meal preparation, time with the husband.

All of the above are important…but not as important as my time with Jesus.

I’ve been allowing the urgent needs of my life dominate my priorities and passive about making sure that my time with God is protected.

When you have small children like I do, protecting my quiet time is a challenge.

Often they wake up before I do and their endless requests keep me in motion for the rest of the day if I don’t stop and make my time with God set apart and holy.

6. Being a Workaholic

I find so much satisfaction in my work. After I’ve written a blog post, designed a book cover or finished writing a chapter in my upcoming book, I sit back and revel in a job well done.

As much as my work can be a positive aspect of my life, it can also become an idol.

I grew up with a workaholic father, so I know the impact it can have on every area of your life.

Since I work out of my house, setting guidelines on how much I can work each day would be beneficial.

7. Not Saying “No”

I love to be all over the place. I feel like I thrive when I’m going to meet people and try new things.

Over commitment will leave me too mentally and physically exhausted to engage in true worship.

Saying “no” is a learned art form.

And that also means saying “no” to my children sometimes, as I often fulfill all their “wants” before any of my “needs” are taken care of.

8. Not Going to Sleep on Time

Having so many children causes me to trade sleep for personal alone time late into the night.

Many nights I’m up until 4am doing whatever it is I didn’t have time for during the day.

Learning how to make and keep a schedule is a necessary task if I want my relationship with God to grow.

If I go to sleep on time, I will have the ability to wake up early and spend quiet time alone with God.

9. Too Much Social Media

My kids aren’t the only ones with the problem of spending too much time in front of a device.

Because I write for a living, I often excuse my time on social media as “productive” work, but nothing bad would happen if I didn’t check my email or Facebook notifications 20x a day.

Being connected to everyone online pressures us to always be available.

Social media can be like the house guest that never leaves.

Sometimes that friend named “social media” needs to be shown the door, so I can focus on real life – including my prayer life.

10. Over Complicating Things

When I was newly saved in my twenties, I could spend hours in the elaborate quiet times.

I would go on a “date with Jesus” to Starbucks, just to read the Bible.

Oftentimes, I compare the person I was then to the person I am now.

I don’t have the ability to spent hours on my knees like I did when I only had myself to care for.

Because of limited time, keeping it simple is important to the health of my spiritual life.

I don’t need hours or special trips to a coffeeshop in order to spend time with my Creator.

11. Forgetting to Engage in Worship

I know that worship is a way of life, but because we are driving a car with a radio that works intermittently, spiritual songs have been absent from my life.

It was amazing when I turned on K-LOVE or SPIRIT FM how quickly I was drawn back into relationship with Jesus.

Words are powerful things, so listening to spiritual songs has the potential to greatly impact my passion for Christ.

Our car radio is an easy fix, I only need to purchase an antennae.

Handheld devices are also a great way of listening to worship songs on the go!

12. Filing the Void With Other Things

Though my fast from shopping on Confessions of a Christian Shopaholic has enabled me to curb my spending, I still seem to be using shopping as an escape.

In November 2015 I gave up drinking so that I could draw closer to God.

Because there are countless ways to replace God, I need to be ever-vigilant in my pursuit to allow God alone to fill the void in my heart.

The fleshly urge to put everything BUT God in my God-shaped-soul hole exists even after decades of being saved.

Filling the void with other things isn’t just a thing unbelievers do.

13. Not Keeping the Sabbath Holy

I’m writing this post on a Sunday. Seriously, ironic right?

I’ve been studying about keeping the Sabbath for over a year now.

What does keeping the Sabbath mean in real life? (In this post I won’t address whether or not Sunday is the Sabbath or not)

Jesus’s disciples plucked grain on the Sabbath and he was cool with that, but He also said:

For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. Matthew 5:18

Where’s the balance?

Keeping the Sabbath allows our soul to rest on the Savior.

14. Lacking in Fellowship

Sure, I go to church.

Sure, most of my friends are Christians and our conversations often turn to God.

But when I find myself in a powerful prayer after a Bible study or with my husband during his morning prayers, it’s different. Otherworldly.

Each time I find myself there, I long for more. The time in that place of glory is always too short.

Despite that longing, I try to reproduce it on my own. Alone.

But there is something special about fellowshipping with other believers.

And I need to get out of my comfort zone and find a regular place to commune with God and others.

15. Viewing God as Commonplace

After the bright light of my salvation has faded in to a distant memory, it’s been easy to fall into the trap of taking God for granted.

Things of God are so present in my life that sometimes I view Him as commonplace.

Where I once saw small daily miracles and answers, my senses are too desensitized to God’s ever-present hand in my life.

I need to ask the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to the wonders of daily living in God’s presence.

16. Shame

I was standing in the middle of church service this morning and I was so full of shame that I’d let my love for God grow cold.

I wanted to be in His presence, but my shame kept speaking lies to me telling me there needed to be a longer period of sorrow.

We don’t have to wait an appropriate amount of time in mourning and repentance before being allowed into the fold once again.

Jesus didn’t shame the woman caught in adultery, He simply so “Go, and sin no more.”

17. Satan

Often I forget that I have an enemy.

One that lurks in wait for me.

Satan puts up barriers to any progress Christians try to make in spending time with the Lord.

I must remember to pray for God’s protective covering so that the Devil won’t have a foothold in my life.

18. Looking too Long at the World’s beauty

Let’s face it, the world is beautiful to our flesh.

It’s glamorous and seemingly carefree.

Everyone else seems to be driving a nicer car, wearing cuter clothes, and losing more weight that us.

Looking too long at the world’s beauty can blind us to God’s beauty which is true and lasting

I’ve been putting too much stock in the things of this world that will one day be destroyed.

The longer I spend looking at God, the truth will reveal the light of Christ that will never fade.

19. Sin

It’s hard to pinpoint a sin that’s not as obvious as adultery, murder or lying.

Habitual sin is sure to keep anyone out of God’s wonderful presence.

All too often my sin is quiet: pride.

I feel like I don’t “need” the things other less mature Christians need.

Thinking that somehow I’ve “arrived” makes me unteachable.

And if I’m not learning, I’m not growing. If I’m not learning, no wonder I’m bored with God!

Pride is one of those sins you have to continually repent of…one that can creep in quietly.

20. Doing It In Your Own Power

Many times I try to bootstrap my way into God’s presence, as if I try hard enough I’ll climb my way up this Tower of Babel to Heaven.

We have to admit our total powerlessness to spend time with God or feel spiritually full and rely only on God’s strength to sustain us.

‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the Lord of hosts. Zechariah 4:6 

I’m Returning to My First Love

The Bible is clear what we should do when we get off track.

Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place—unless you repent.

This scripture is to the “Loveless Church” in The Book of Revelations. They have traded deeds for God for a relationship with God.

Thinking of my spiritual life as a relationship, instead of a list of to-dos, is vital to my keeping my focus on Christ.

My goal is to treat Jesus like a good friend.

Neglecting my best friend in real life would have lasting damage, how much more if I neglect to return to my first love?

What About You?

Do you struggle with a dry spiritual life?

Do any of these 10 things ring true in your life?

Are there any more you’d like to add?

Join the conversation in the comments section. People need your wisdom too!

I don't want to go to church, I rush through my time with God, and praying feels like nuisance. The Lord showed me the reasons that I feel spiritually dry.