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I hate sewing. Seriously. So if you are looking for easy DIY pillow covers that requires as little sewing as possible…this is it with step-by-step photos included. I only did this DIY pillow cover blog because it was “sew” easy…*snicker. And because I got free pillows from my sister.

Diy Pillow Step1 5660437

Step 1: Pick a Fabric

I got my “fabric” from Goodwill. It was a used sheet in near mint condition for $3.99 — originally from Target. I have four pillows from IKEA that I wanted to make DIY pillow covers for. I didn’t want to spend $5 for pillow covers at IKEA. This way I have enough fabric and then some for other projects. Win-Win.

Diy Pillow Step2 8575713

Step 2: Iron Fabric

I hate prep work. But ironing makes things easier…so I caved.

Diy Pillow Step3 8393829

Step 3: Gather Supplies

  • Scissors
  • Tape Meaure
  • Fabric
  • Pillows
  • Sewing Machine

Diy Pillow Step4 8089602

Step 4: Measure Long Side

The equation I used for the long side (or length) of my DIY pillow covers was:

2 x Pillow Length + 6″

This allows for wrapping the pillow, sewing seams (1″ on each end), and then having the pocket lap over a little (2″ overlap on each side of the pocket).

My pillows were 18″ x 18″ so: 2 x 18 +6 = 42″

Diy Pillow Step5 4927869

Step 5: Measuring Short Side

The equation I used for measuring and cutting the short side (or width) was:

1 x Pillow Width + 2″

This allows for .5″ seam on each side and a little wiggle room so the pillow doesn’t pull at the sides.

My pillows are 18″ so: 1 x18 + 2 = 20″

Diy Pillow Step6 9533645

Step 6: Iron Short Ends

Your are making a seam for the inside part of the pocket, where you will be stuffing in the pillow.

Fold it .5″ over and iron.

(Don’t know why fabric looks so purple in these photos).

Diy Pillow Step7 8239693

Step 7: Fold & Iron (again)

This makes your seam neat and tidy.

Fold it .5″ over and iron again.

Diy Pillow Step8 2548759

Step 8: Sew Seam on Both Short Sides

Easy straight shot sewing. Back stitch a little at both ends to reinforce the seam.

Diy Pillow Step9 4434071

Step 9: Place Pillow & Fold Fabric Over

You will lay the fabric out (the long sides are still not sewn) with the “good side” facing you. Place the pillow in the middle of the fabric length and width-wise. Fold over the length of the fabric so that the ends are overlapping. The “inside” should be facing you now.

Diy Pillow Step10 9081187

Step 10: Align and Adjust

You are fixing to pin the fabric so make sure it is all lined up and adjust if necessary. You could measure all four corners if that makes you feel better. I’m an “eyeballer.”

Diy Pillow Step11 8826156

Step 11: Pin Sides

Once everything lined up, you will take pins (as many as you like…I used two cuz I’m lazy like that) and pin the two flaps to the opposing side of the pillow on each side. Yours should look like the photo below:

Diy Pillow Step12 9539398

Step 12: Remove Pillow

This is why I only used two pins. I didn’t want to unpin a bunch of pins when I removed the pillow. More pinning would have helped me not make extra mistakes (which I did) but it would have been harder to remove the pillow.

Diy Pillow Step13 9166720

Step 13: Sew Sides

You should have a square now. Sew along each of the long sides only (which are now the same length as the “short” side). Make sure when you sew across the flap that you catch BOTH sides of the flap! This was were I realized that more pins would have helped. I fixed it…but not without minor irritation.

Diy Pillow Step14 1538070

Step 14: Flip Right-Side

Turn the pillow cover right side out. You can use a pencil or crochet needle to poke the corners out into nice points!

Diy Pillow Step15 2659853

Step 15: Insert Pillow

Slip the pillow through the pocket, making sure to line up edges of pillow with seams of your DIY pillow cover. Slam it down on the ground a couple times for effect.

Diy Pillow Step16 9431610

Step 16: Decorate

If you are like me, your bed wasn’t made. Take the time to make your bed…or push the kid’s goldfish off the couch…and decorate!

Diy Pillow Step17 1109419

Step 17: Stand back and Admire…You’re Done!

Now for the best part: Stand back…invite people over…take pictures…post of Facebook. You are D-O-N-E….done! And hopefully they look fabulous!

If you have photos of your project, comment with a link below!

If you have suggestions for the directions, tell me!

I got my inspiration for this blog from another DIY post: A Curiously Chic Life: DIY Pillowcase

Check it out if you need more photos. It’s a great blog!



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